Need for Speed Payback | HIDDEN Online Freeroam Tutorial!

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Multiplayer free-roam is "missing" from NFS Payback, but there's a workaround for that…
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Disclaimer: we are unsure how this will work once more players join the game, especially random people. We imagine it'll be fine unless multiple people join and attempt to ready up and start the event. We'll see, but for now… fingers crossed!

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комментариев 85

  1. CToretto:

    It’s almost like there’s a troll developer at ghost games sabotaging each NFS game, 2015 «let’s set the whole game at night time so they can’t see anything.. » Payback «Let’s remove online freeroam all together so they can’t meet and cruise with friends.. » ?

  2. Kurupted -:

    Yea I Was Playing This A lot This Morning… Story Mode Very Good

  3. The other "No" dude:

    What I wish they had was 16-32 player free roam

    MCLA had around 12-16, same with Forza Horizon, GTA V has 32, why does NFS only have 8?

    This adds a huge limitation to car shows, and doesn’t put the large map to well use.

    Also at least some sort of online character customization. Have a few skin/eyes/hair colors and hair styles to choose from and BOOM. That’s really it.

    I also hope for some sort of video mode. We have a photo mode, all I want is a video mode, similar to the Rockstar editor. That is a pretty good editor.

    • Daniel LLITPEK:

      A Wild Doggo You know that pc games have worse optimisation due to every pc being different? Also, not everyone has a high end gaming pc, mine for example can barely play tf2 and cnc3

    • Kara Jennifer:

      The other «No» dude Yeah

    • LDM:

      The other «No» dude Gran Turismo also has 16 player lobbies.

    • BShen Low:

      they were using dedicated servers, which I assume one reason is the servers at EA are pretty much used up so they had to shut down NFSW servers (alongside few other F2P releases) in order to give space to other games like Battlefield and Star Wars.

    • Dope Mods:

      Gta5 does indeed have 32 spaces in online lobby’s but you can only fill 30 because the other 2 are reserved for rockstars admins to join and check lobby’s

  4. The Real Bleach:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on Payback! (Not EA Access)

  5. Lucifers Son:

    We shouldn’t need to be doing this for free roam man, how tf do they decide on removing it ??‍♂️

  6. Derbi Xtreme R:

    Such a beautiful map needs free roam

    • Dark star Kayn Main:

      Kevin Fortin I believe he means «if we NEVER get it». He’s just expressing disappointment. But I do hope we get cockpit view and open world online, and further more interior customization

    • Derbi Xtreme R:

      KliveKushOfficial If ghost are such listeners we are set for free roam


    Imagine Theo bald

  8. Chris:

    No online freeroam? No buy

  9. Mr. Killa:

    Personally, I’m not too worried about online free roam, but if this is possible, then surely online free roam can be implemented at a later time, right?

    • Mikhail's World:

      dcc24dc coches y demás movidas that’d be great! I mean if ghost has their head on right, surely they wont have us wandering around such a big map like «helloooooooo!! Anyone out theeeeeerrrreeeee???» What sense would that make?

    • Noobslayer 69:

      Mr. Killa hope so cause its boring alone

    • dcc24dc coches y demás movidas:

      Mikhail’s World maybe they are preparing something special for us, i mean, the map its amazing and really big, we’ve got ranked races, they can put an online mode full of public events and stuff like that, i dont know but its really hard to find a 7 years of development game nowadays and ghost games knows what we want so just wait and hope ?

    • Tuga do YouTube:

      Your photo fits perfectly with the words xD

    • Killrobx9:

      I swear free roam Will be implanted

  10. kubamax9 Kubowski:

    Hopefully they’ll update it and expand on it to actually make a proper online freeroam.

    • Bannerben:

      Flygoniaks Large enough playerbase to get the most popular 8 player mode filled? If all this will completely ruin the playerbase since this is a huge downside to their game.

    • Flygoniaks:

      It`ll probably happen in a future update. Ghost have the tools to do it, we know that. They`re probably just waiting to have a large enough playerbase for it to work.

  11. miksu Hellemaa:

    rocking the flower boy shirt, i see you

  12. Mister V:

    WAIT. So there is no real online free-roam? WHAT THE F*CK EA?! What were they thinking???
    If they don’t add online freeroam in the future, I’ll be soooo mad…

  13. Ibrahim Ahmed:

    I stalk need for speed,if you don’t then you don’t deserve to like the game

  14. drift240sx uk:

    How tf does ghost manage to always add the stuff we want new and get rid of the original stuff we like to replace it. Can’t we have a game without them removing stuff

    • Kevin Fortin:

      Porter Burkett see thats where you dont get my point you make it seem like im defending them i never did i think ghost should fix things becuase i hate how it is but the thing is some people try an bkame ghost so much that they take it to far sometimes making it seem like as i said worse then it actually is like saying no free roam cops will be the end of the game like wtf is that look im not saying they shouldnt do what needs to be done all im saying is dont make things seem so bad when there not even then this is ghost 3 game they still need to understand how things need to work payback almist seemed to be the best they made in a long time but the thing is in every single one of there games they made a mistake of making for example the cops to agressive in rivals or being only online and no pause and weird physics in nfs 2015 now they made the opisite of 2015 with no online free roam or cops so now is the time where they need to focus on every single game they made and think of a good balance they almost did with payback all they need to do is fix it after that they can make another game like payback but better and with everything in from release thats how nfs series will survive and keep going on i dont wanna give up on ghost becuase they listen unlike most devs they dont get things right all the time but they listen there only human they make mistakes i just want them to listen and fix there mistakes to let everyone see there not bad devs

    • Porter Burkett:

      Kevin Fortin
      Saying “it’s not as bad as you make it out” only reflects the fact that people consider the issues of the games with varying levels of severity, and that’s fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But I️ still find it very hard to be optimistic about Ghost changing anything with Payback because so many people keep insisting they’ll do the right thing, and if/when Ghost doesn’t fix anything, those same people will come up with excuses for why the original problem they said Ghost would fox actually wasn’t that bad. I️ just don’t understand why people continue to give Ghost so much credit. It prevents Ghost from being held accountable in any aspects, so they have no incentive to spend their time and money fixing their game or adding requested features such as free roam cops/ online free roam.

    • Kevin Fortin:

      Porter Burkett lol terrible technical issues something thats common in games and im sure the cops things was little kids being bitches becuase they couldnt handle cops those guys were easy asf i liked them actually since i finnally had a challenge amd lets be honest its becuase you people complained about the cops nfs 2015 cops were so braindead the physics i agree they are bad but they got fixed after words and even before that you could tune youre car to work the way you wanted so eehh i can still say that it wasnt as bad as you nake it out

    • Crazy Bostonian:

      drift240sx uk They are called ghost games for a reason bro

      they like to make things disappear.

    • A-DOGGER:

      I don’t doubt they’ll add it in, but stuff like this really should be in the game from the get-go.

  15. MARTINJW25:

    He legit looks homeless

  16. seb1:

    No cops in free roam, offroad racing, 80 cars, this game is a fucking joke.

  17. Bryan Cintron:

    Why tf is there no free roam??

  18. Omegazor:

    (Please like this comment and respond with your thoughts so everyone can see this!)
    Dear EA and Ghost if you read this PLEASE TAKE OUR WORDS SERIOUSLY
    Online multiplayer freeroam is a vital part for this game, it would be a huge chuck if it were not made possible for us to join our friends in an online session and explore the beauty of Furtune Valley. If for example the online multiplayer freeroam could just be a sandbox for us without any races as we can already play races together in speed lists. Another good idea would be 12 players max per session, that also depends if we are going to see online multiplayer freeroam for this game, wich I am sure most of us would adore you for and would be a good salepoint for the game. Please consider it for not only your our but also your own benefits.

  19. HYFR.:

    How do you not put an open world free roam in a NFS game? That’s ridiculous. I hope they put a whole separate playlist JUST for the free roam, Cuz that’s a big part of the game.

    • The Freeman Initiative:

      @Crazy Bostonian — your reading comprehension is awful… he said that because it was in response to OP… yes; its obvious to Noah, thats how he knows… clearly it isnt obvious to OP though, thats why Noah said what he said… the only ‘Sherlock’ here is yourself as you’re incapable of understanding context

    • HYFR.:

      T L C Thank you for being the only one who agrees.

    • T L C:

      No excuses to not add free roam. More kits for cars now but nowhere to show it off . Free roam is good for finding tune shops ,car ect if your friend have found the already. Forza horizon is a great example of this. Also shows of the map if things are hidden everywhere. This map looks better than any other game graphics wise , the developers are mad not doing this

    • DriftMine14 Gaming:

      I personally don’t like online everyone crashes into you

    • Jake Villaruel:

      Foxless basically, with all due respect, there is freeroam but there is no Online freeroam. But, it’s highly likely to be patched soon. AND just accept the fact that other people don’t always want what you want, so please, less being ignorant more to being understanding. No hate.

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