Need for Speed Payback — HEIST MISSION [Full Gameplay] + Customization

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Mission Gameplay: 0:00 | Customization: 6:46
This is some brand new Need for Speed Payback gameplay that was livestreamed from EA Play today! If you didn't watch the stream you won't see it anywhere else, so I wanted to share it with you guys here on YouTube. So stoked for this game, it looks amazing!

You can watch the whole EA Play rebroadcast here:

This is the YouTuber hosting the livestream (he's a cool dude):

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комментария 74

  1. reason:

    anyone here played Burnout? getting a Burnout vibe from this

  2. BoXy_19:

    So much cutscenes I just want to drive n feel in control

  3. The Dietyy:

    Burnout + the crew + a dash of forza ( mini map reminds me of forza) = this game

  4. Michael Luis:

    I can’t tell if the handling is still garbage and slow or if the guy playing sucks.

  5. Andre Smith:

    Why tf is that truck completely dusting a GT?

  6. JotheGr3at:

    Yo it’s AR12 Nick lol

  7. Xrixten:

    5:04 That awkward moment when the dev said «improved and tougher AI» and then the AI proceeds to hit a traffic car…

  8. Jack Bush:

    My BOY AR12 Getting The feature on TMARTN

  9. Yo Boi:

    Why are people acting like this game is ripped off features from other games , not knowing that this game is exactly like NFS 2015 and with cinematics and gameplay features exactly like The Run and Rivals

    • Ibrahim Ahmed:

      Yo Boi I heard all the cars from 2015 are in the game + much more and nfs 2015 had more cars than NFS MW 2005 Cuzco it only had 32 cars you could buy but like 40 for every car like the c6r and the M3 GTR and NFS 2015 had 50+ cars but the run had like 70 cars? Idk but there is a lot of cars in the run

    • Aaron M.:

      Fr the desert look just like Rivals

    • Flamboyant Piece Of Me Stains:

      if they have X6s, and slammed beetles i think the list is as extensive as midnightclub dub editions car list

  10. TheMasterofRacing FTW!:

    My pet just evaporated while watching this video can I get 100 likes in memory of him?

  11. Benjiman Bape:

    Fast and Furious? Hell yeah I’m buying it

  12. IAmGucci:

    So this is basically The Run 2? Damn, I was hoping they would continue with the customization and street stuff.

  13. Sergio Olivares:

    Am i the only one who is very excited about this game?

  14. Kevin McDonald:

    Wow… Nothing new or original here.

  15. Emilio Flores:

    This game remind me of hot pursuit. Can’t want until this game come out

  16. Rashaine Fraser:

    burnout was awesome.

  17. Unknown Identity:

    I see same graphics as NFS run (2011)

  18. Donny Vega:

    Why can’t y’all just give us a bunch of ricers, endless customization and a story like Carbon and Most Wanted? If I wanted to drive Exotics and expensive cars all day I’d just buy Forza… NFS shits the bed again *sigh*

  19. Morten Nielsen:

    A freaking truck that is faster then a mustang? Need for speed died years ago!

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