Need for Speed Payback: Graveyard Shift PC Gameplay – 4K 60 FPS

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Check out our exclusive Need for Speed Payback Graveyard Shift PC gameplay in 4K running at 60 FPS, captured on a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti PC.

Watch as Tyler heads to the airfield and takes on the street league Graveyard Shift, race down the runway, grab some serious air, and work his way up through Silver Canyon.

Check out the Recommended PC Specs for Need for Speed Payback here:

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комментария 74

  1. Maltoz:

    Running in the 90s

  2. SetsuneW:

    Gotta move expediently!

  3. TheZab:


  4. EddieL33T:

    To be honest, NFS looks kind of generic

    • lucas rem:

      You need bot police cars?? It’s more of an online thing, Cops are players too! People don’t like how these old games now….

    • The LuNaTic:

      Spokster remember when you were able to hit obstacles and destroy the cops and even slow down cars in races? Good times

    • RicingGround3:

      Nies NFS 2015 is a Reboot to the entire NFS franchise, not a Underground Remaster. which is why is lack or missing so many features with that games comparison. Handling is god awful and And the city even at night only is lifeless compare to underground. People making that comparison either haven’t played that game or trying to defend their blue tire smoke pre order bonus. If it a underground Remaster, it will be call a *Underground Remaster* Not «NFS 2015» that try to be underground and fail every part at it.

  5. Ivan:

    Almost fell asleep

  6. abhishek avasarala:

    game looks dope
    fan of nfs

  7. TheZab:

    Need for Speed Payback looks great, yet another racing game I can’t wait to play on PC!

    • Essam Khalil:

      It has offline and online multiplayer.

    • Karl Ivan Remonde:

      dudeeee can you recommend some of the best racing games that’s super fun to play? I really love Forza Horizon 3 but I can’t play it on my pc (that made me very sad since the visuals of it are beautiful and the atmosphere is so great).

      I just don’t like Need For Speed (2015), looks boring.

    • Essam Khalil:

      The new nfs looks to be one of the best ever made, so you should definitely check that out. Also the older burnout/nfs games are really good as well

  8. TheZab:

    Fast and Furious fans rejoice!

  9. DLine:

    Скучнее ничего не видел

  10. Subroto Das:

    The background score looks so bland.

  11. InFlamesor12:

    This looks suprisingly wank, static and generally very bland.What happened to you need for speed 🙁

    • Triggered SpongeBob SquarePants Yu:

      I feel like Almost every racing game is the same…….you customize your own car and upgrade it to go faster….Race against Online people or A.i’s And Literally Repetitive…..Grinding money to upgrade and buy new cars and stuff like that is Not really that new….all games have some kind of way for you to grind money All day long until you have like 1,000,000 Dollars Left to buy Stuff…..

    • Gate 11:

      +ghgzree lol for a minute I thought you were talking to me with the last comment you posted, I was so confused, lol my bad. Yeah Motorsports and Horizon have very different physics. The open world for Horizon is a little meh, but it’s not terrible by any means. The activities that you do in Horizon are also a little meh as well by that’s preference, it really just depends on what you want to be doing in a racing game.

    • ghgzree:

      Oh hell no! Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport have nothing in common except the awesome graphics and the big range of cars. Forza Horizons huge open world map and endless activities are really awesome.

    • Gate 11:

      +ghgzree well Ghost Games have only had two NFS tittles made and they’re improving on almost everything each game so far. I wouldn’t give up on NFS since Ghost have only had two games made and now a 3rd. I’ve tried out Forza Horizon physics and they’re pretty fun as well. Horizon physics feels like NFS physics in a way but without the glitches. There are a few other differences as well, like the way a car drifts through a corner.

  12. justmkipvme:

    Awful music, nice picture.

  13. kinzoou:

    That shitty sound engine in this game

  14. bboymiau:

    this looks sooooooo BAD… reminds me of Asphalt.. lol

    • K o B a C H i ™:

      Too much hilium Seriously? Just name call? NFS underground 2 was one of the greatest racing games I’ve ever played. I still haven’t played MW, but these games don’t compare because they focus on graphics rather than gameplay. You can fix graphics, but it’ll be hard to fix gameplay. This game is gold in the eyes of 10 year olds and people with low IQ who’ll spend 60 not knowing it’ll be like 20 dollars on origin in two weeks.

    • Too much hilium:

      bboymiau And you too.

    • Too much hilium:

      K o B a C H i ™ Wow I can’t believe how tremendously stupid you are

  15. Сергей Клей:

    унылая музыка, унылая гонка…. где следы на грунте? где игра света и размытия?…даже нфс 15 лучше зашел, чем это ниочем

  16. Thesnipergecko:

    Game ready? More like Game Over. This franchise is as good as dead now.

  17. Mike Syomin:

    Говнятина очередная. Выпустили бы Underground 3 лучше.

    • Русский кот:

      Ну и кому нужен Underground 3 в 2017? А?

    • kirya312:

      Странно, ведь в 2004 ориентировались на тех же детишек, но получилась крутая игра, а теперь такое…

    • Altaf hussain Baloch:

      I cant read it but i know you are saying some trash and that you want an underground 3 but it happened to years ago

    • Fire Starter:

      Ну и что бы изменилось, назвали бы Андерграунд получилась бы НФС 2015. И толку то? Разработчики судя по всему о детишках заботятся, думая что прыжки по полкилометра вызовет у всех «вау», а арки чекпоинтов и стрелочки, не дай Бог детё заблудится заплачет, а папа сделает рефаунд средств. Подход стал другой, нфс никогда не был настолько аркадой, как сейчас. По-моему уже давно пора всем на нее крест поставить.

    • Polina Bogusevich:

      Пока будет тду 3 поиграют в это

  18. Chubzdoomer:

    Looks like a generic-as-hell racing game with no soul whatsoever.

    EDIT: LOL, I was right. A month later the game releases to mediocre reviews.

    • Nishant Chauhan:

      Chubzdoomer u still believe on the scores of IGN and metacritic.
      IGN rated NFS MW 2012 as a great game,rivals as also a great game,nfs 2015 as a good game and Payback as mediocre,what a non-sense rating.

    • Flygoniaks:

      So what if reviewers don`t like it? That`s not going to change my personal enjoyment of the game.
      I`ll have you know that I know enough about the game to want it, and I`m actually downloading it right now.

    • Chubzdoomer:

      Told you guys! 66 on Metacritic. lol

    • Dominik Maslyk:

      Philip Ottey by «people» you mean fanboys

    • RapidFX Panzoid Designer:

      I have high hopes for this game.
      And forza horizon and motorsport lines are the same:
      Forza horizon 3=Forza horizon 2 but with other map.
      Forza motorsport 7=Forza Motorsport 6 but with a Better graphics.
      The crew 2=The crew 1 but just with Boats and Airplanes (Something that i think that ruined the Franchise and the Urban Races.)
      Need for speed Payback=Is Need for speed 2015 but…
      -With Huge and Beautiful map(Bad English)
      -Better customization (Includes Neons and Tire Smoke Colors)
      -More cars(Atleast 70 Confirmed by the trailers,Images Etc)
      -A better Story than the 2015 one
      -Day/Night Cycle.
      -Around 10 Bosses(Confirmed By EA)
      -Offroad, Drag, Drift and Grip Races!
      -5 Garajes! (If u buy them all u can unlock Infinity Slots on garaje)
      -A Better and Smooth drive(Confirmed by Ea and the players that played Payback in Gamescon And E3.)
      -More Cops and Intense Persecutions!
      -And others things that i can’t remember.
      And thats is why Nfs Payback will be a Awesome game!

      Sorry for bad english 😛

  19. Faawks:

    Looks like thew poor driving physics of the previous game, at least now I know not to buy it.

    • SAL3M:

      yeah go buy forza 7 dumbass! You’ll cry for not getting payback

    • HYFR.:

      Faawks If you want real driving physics, play project cars or something. It seems you don’t like NFS. So why even bother watching the video? It’s an arcade racing game. Oh and btw, it’s not a flop of a series, it’s actually doing quite well. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s a flop. So don’t play NFS if you’re just gonna complain about the physics on all NFS videos.

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