NEED FOR SPEED PAYBACK Gold Plated Lamborghini Car Heist

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комментариев 59

  1. NFS VS FH3:

    I would be pissed if I was the collector just think about it a gold Lamborghini and Mercedes Benz has been stolen that are golden I would be salty ASF

  2. Sky1ine Studio:

    seriously i love you guys videos but you are the worst drivers ever im sorry but the driving is what i didnt enjoy in this video

  3. Just Z:

    The graphics never disappoint me

  4. LUIgames :v:

    Marvel Ultimate alliance 1 please!!!

  5. Savage Zombie Gamer:

    Ah….Tyler and Rav going full Allahu Akbar on the Cops, brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

  6. Captain Macmillan:

    I think i’ll pass on this game. Not really into the whole FF heist unrealistic physics type of racing games.

    • Mikester:

      if you like racing then you should like all the racing games since theyre all about racing lol. It looks to me like most of the people who say they dont like a certain racing game just doesnt know how to control the vehicle for that game

    • Complex.Trixz:

      Captain Macmillan those games u mentioned are track racing/racing simulators,nfs has never been about actual racing its fun races,customization,and the grind not realism

    • Joey Zandvliet:

      Captain Macmillan i know more about cars then you would in your whole life and i like fast and furious

    • Captain Macmillan:

      Remarkable! Good for you 🙂

  7. BlueYT:

    6:14 that’s how the Lambo supposed to be sound like ??
    Sry for ma bad English, but I love nfs <3

  8. Alex Meza:

    Why this game look like it came out for the PS3

  9. Matt O'Neill:

    Honestly the stupidest plot I’ve ever seen XD

  10. SilentGamerYT:


  11. StreamlinerV16:

    *_Next to the Crew 2!!! I can’t even resist this cringy fest_*

  12. Juan Garcia:

    Lol police can keep up with a lambo what world is this

  13. Dr. Maralit Jr.:

    That Liberty Walk bodykit on that Aventador makes it wayyyy better

  14. Simon Belmont:

    A Heist Nah… Smash and Grab would make more sense

  15. Retro Ren:

    here Im giving you the first comment

  16. Im Rutherfandium:

    I think they got the message about the cops

  17. Need for Speed payback Daniel:

    É muito Velozes e Furiosos Need for Speed playback caminhão Que destruiu as barreiras vou pegar Mercedes de luxo e Lamborghini Aventador de luxo

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