Need for Speed Payback Gameplay Walkthrough Part 9 — SPOILER, TIRES, SPLITTER & 194mph Top Speed

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Need for Speed Payback Walkthrough Part 1 — NFS Payback 2017 Xbox One Gameplay with EA Access. Full Game Let's Play Ending Playthrough
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комментария 63

  1. GameRiot:

    I guess I need to explain my tire comment — Sorry should of explained more in the video. You can still see the ghost games / need for speed on the tire but with a faint logo you select over the top. Should of surely take away the ghost games/need for speed and replace it altogether for Toyo Tires for example. Instead the games adds a watermark Toyo Tires text over the top, so you can still see the ghost games / nfs image underneath. Doesn’t look as good as the last game.

  2. StreakTV:

    Can you make a video on exploring the city or construction site. Also can you buy a new car that is cool. Please

  3. JonesBrothersProductions:

    I have to wait until Friday to play. I want to play it now!

  4. StreakTV:

    Most cars with custom wheels have writing on the wheels its normal. You should look it up

  5. SkoZ:

    yea pls open some of the premium shipments:)

  6. Alpha:

    still wished the game had cockpit view so we could see more of the car

  7. Heber D.:

    Do the premium shipment opening later please

  8. mistercap dessigner:

    Can’t wait for you to buy the game

  9. Thomas Arno:

    The back rim is bigger than the front rim

  10. RedScope:

    You shouldn’t give more money to these hungry devs and buy premium shipments, I think you should just play the campaign and do everything by yourself since you seem to be doing just fine so far.

  11. Pandem The Robloxian:

    Open a Premium !! Like 50 premium shipments !! XD

  12. iliesks gaming:

    Buy premium shipments

  13. mistercap dessigner:

    Go for premium

  14. Avto Kereselidze:

    do the premium shipment opening

  15. Diogo Rodrigues:

    «The tires look depressing» what are u on about? They look fainted. Just like it would look like in a real car! That’s why!

  16. Mahsum Taşkaya:

    @gameriot get out of my youtube homepage dude! ?? İ love your videos!

  17. MicahJ The boss:

    Do a 100 shipment episode please riot

  18. Yetsiel Sanabria:

    Can u please buy the Dodge Charger

  19. Cristie:

    This game look something like need for speed world.

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