Need for Speed Payback Gameplay Walkthrough Part 8 — 240z Fairlady Datsun Derelict Guide (ALL PARTS)

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Need for Speed Payback Walkthrough Part 1 — NFS Payback 2017 Xbox One Gameplay with EA Access. Full Game Let's Play Ending Playthrough
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комментария 44

  1. Billomania 19:

    no ads when you are one of the first people 30th

  2. NATE:

    Maybe make the 240z a black base paint red under glow and red rims and the biggest widebody kit on it?
    Just a idea

  3. NATE:

    I can’t wait to watch your full play through of need for speed payback

  4. Gero Kun:

    I love Need for speed games and so far i love your gameplay keep up the good work #riot for the win pls do more payback videos in 1 day

  5. NFS VS FH3:

    So when you face the racing league’s you get to info on a barn find that is so awesome can’t wait until November 10 ????

  6. P D Films:

    finally some one who’s in love with the 240zx just like me

  7. Alfie Woods:

    Welcome back guys for a brand new episode

  8. CarlosJqn13:

    Yess I want to see you do some jumps, speed traps, etc. and unlock the customization parts

  9. CarlosJqn13:


  10. Voggler 123:

    Upload more videos now?!?

  11. TopGunAce23:

    More Payback, please??

  12. Justus Brouwer:

    If only this was in 4K 😀

  13. Thr Random guty:


  14. Young Rocker:

    First :-*

  15. Dan Paise:


  16. Tanuj Vaghela:

    thank you bro ,love u, waiting for other parts plz upload fastt as you can plsssssssssssss. 🙂

  17. Henrique Fires:

    When u gonna play the rest of the missions of the full game, my man? When will it be open to everyone?

  18. Sean. J:

    2:12 Did no one hear Mac?

  19. Jedi WalkerBait:

    Do more episodes, please ! I can’t get enough of this game =D

  20. DmC_Alexander 666:

    is this really how shity the game looks like ? GTA V looks more realistic

    • DmC_Alexander 666:

      Master Chief first am being sarcastic abot gta v is better and the cars here looks very small that is why i said gta v looks more realistic, when the game makes u play with cars and the camera is way zoom out it means they are afraid to zoom in more and u see the graphics how it looks shity with the cars, focus on what i said not the views the views looks amazing just how small the cars looks in this game is the bad thing in it.

    • Master Chief:

      DmC_Alexander 666 Buy glasses ?

    • Eldest Centaur:

      guys i found an exclusive gameplay of nfs-

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