Need for Speed Payback Gameplay Walkthrough Part 7 — HIGHWAY HEIST (Full Game)

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Need for Speed Payback Walkthrough Part 1 — NFS Payback 2017 Xbox One Gameplay with EA Access. Full Game Let's Play Ending Playthrough
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комментариев 58

  1. GameRiot:

    Yes I noticed the colour of the rims are different lol — Only noticed on the edit 🙁

  2. Zand Monster:

    Love your need for speed payback video’s

  3. Md Yeasin:

    @gameriot. You should increase the SUV’s(defender) height to the max. The higher a car is, the better it is at offroads.

    • E C:

      U shouldn’t raise it to the max. or the moment will cause you to row over,but yes he need to raise it up a bit to prevent the debris from killing the truck

    • jologaming:

      Md Yeasin you get him

    • Md Yeasin:

      ooooo That’s why you had to drag a silly and vague comment into an argument. Don’t think you’ve grown up, buddy.

    • James Lampe:

      Do you even understand why trophy trucks aren’t lifted as high as monster trucks? Because a lower center of gravity prevents stability at speed. I’ve got a degree in automotive technology, not a kid, and also more knowledgeable on the subject than you are. Buddy.

  4. Space doggerone:


  5. Xbox assassin48:

    «END OF TRIAL CONTENT» What a cockblock

  6. MOK's sohn:

    would like to see gameplay of a car with airsuspension pls

  7. Jason Seifert:

    An 18 wheeler doing 119mph lol! And

  8. KROK KILLER 777:

    please upload even more today i beg you

  9. Legion One:

    Thats a Ricer hood you got there mate ?

  10. Aleksandrs Plitniks:

    This channel should be getting much more views. Keep up the good work.

  11. Dark Vapør:

    Game riot.. U are the boss of #NFS_PAYBACK ??

  12. Eric Marrero:


  13. illstplaya:

    What is the point of the sound system upgrade? It didn’t do anything in the previous game and it still doesn’t do anything in this game

  14. matthew natividad:

    idk who’s faster the rate I’m watching these vids or u posting

  15. Jay Mag:

    I thought this game comes out Nov. 10?

  16. Jihad Kouchi:

    Kmh no mph

  17. Aniket Singh:

    Why smoke is not coming from exhaust in regera

  18. Deniz Alagöz:

    That Mustang GT sounded much better in the gameplay trailer…

  19. Eli Jordan:

    Man i want to see the 69′ Dodge Charger gameplay and customization.

  20. god:

    this nfs is so casual, its not as hardcore as i want it??

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