Need for Speed Payback Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 — 240Z DATSUN BOSS (NFS Payback 2017)

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Need for Speed Payback Walkthrough Part 1 — NFS Payback 2017 Xbox One Gameplay with EA Access. Full Game Let's Play Ending Playthrough
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комментариев 67

  1. Matthew botha:

    I don’t care about the S2000, but I know as soon as you unlock the 350Z…It’s on like donkey kong!

  2. Luis Gray:

    I’m loving this series !!!!!!!

  3. Mooncef Mohamed:

    You should let parts for other cars , not trade them or sell them :/

  4. Little Light:

    The people that commented the s2000 is a bad car , im going to *slap* *them* .


    Can you please continue the payback series as a main thing

  6. One World One Life:

    I dont have XBOX or PS4 . So enjoying the game through youtube.

  7. Mr_kn1ghts:

    Just subed and finished watching the other 3 parts and 5 minutes later theres another one jeeez

  8. Saurabh j:

    NFS payback is promising game past series are not good enough look like EA is going to next level in Racing game

    • jologaming:

      Samuel Jones laziness?

    • Samuel Jones:


      NFS 1, NFS2 HP, NFS High Stakes, NFS Porsche Unleashed, all these are NFS games from the early 2000s late 90s and had cockpit view, Only Shift and Shift 2 were the only new ones to have it for the sim racing aspect but NFS started with cockpit view.

      And MM has a point.

      I mean GT4 had animated pit crews, Old Nascar and F1 games had them how does Forza 7 not have an animated pit crew.

    • MM VIDEOS:

      RottweilaBoy yeah, your right tbh. Like how forza in their «actual gameplay footage» trailers show pit crew but don’t add in pit crew into the actual game. They done that for years

    • RottweilaBoy:

      MM VIDEOS it’s not because they can’t put it it’s because there is no nfs with a cotpit it’s like a tradition

    • MM VIDEOS:

      And where is cockpit view, hmmm?

  9. Johnathan Arzola:

    I really love the characters in this one and how they interact with each other their friendship just seems more genuine then the last Need for Speed and I really love that

    • Shrapnel Head:

      Johnathan Arzola personally I feel that they are extremely generic and only have one personality trait. Also, their voices always sound the same.

    • Display_Name:

      I wish the black guy wore cooler clothes than his generic Target $20 T-shirt and jeans though, and I wish the chick was cuter, or at least more badass, like furiosa from madmax

  10. Marcos Gonçalves:

    Change MPH for KM, Please.

  11. Abiose Trim:

    Wtf is wrong with u ppl the s2000 is a great car

  12. Ryan Morgan:

    Love u game riot PS4 COD WW2

  13. BlizzGangGNR100#616#313#170BX:

    Who ever said the s2000 is bad FCK YOU I bet you like fords

  14. Muhammed Nadeem:

    excited to see part 5. Release it fast bro

  15. Noel Parker:

    I think that Datsun looks awesome!

  16. Arrowtripplis:

    So if you take the story out of need for speed payback than it’s pretty much Forza Horizon 4

  17. Shubham Mangotra:


  18. Ramkinkar rout:

    Bro upload the part5 . can’t wait..
    You are best?

  19. Haris Iqbal:

    First comment ❤️❤️

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