Need for Speed Payback Gameplay Walkthrough Part 24 — THE ONE PERCENT CLUB — BOSS

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Need for Speed Payback Walkthrough Part 1 — NFS Payback 2017 Xbox One Gameplay with EA Access. Full Game Let's Play Ending Playthrough
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комментария 64

  1. Ultra Veloce:

    You should keep the Nissan GTR for the Outlaw’s Rush.

  2. Arsalan yousefzai:

    Man upgrade your GTR

  3. Mahdi Habib Alkhudher:

    Just wow…much better than grand turismo + forza…nfs is everything…???

  4. Forfunbruh:

    Did anybody else notice the NFS Carbon reference at 22:33 ?

  5. Rory Shimmon:

    The amount of Easter eggs and references to other nfs games in this game is amazing

  6. Σωτηρης Δαφνης:


  7. アキラキテ:

    Wolf?! From TFK?!

  8. Lanz Jeremy Sy:

    Buy the porche or the mclaren or the huracan

  9. Damaged Goods:

    «WolfTFK» is that guy from Carbon, right ?

    • KryptonitexOGRx:

      Damaged Goods yes he is form carbon Bro. They took a lot of other games and put it together, if they fixed multiplayer then it will become a greatest hit game from them,!

  10. Ethan Street:

    I think you should the newest corvette it’s soo good

  11. Jaden Thane:

    Scott, you srsly need to upgrade the car before the race, you’re forcing yourself without any need

  12. TimmyS:

    Easter Egg WolfTFK IS from Nfs Carbon

  13. S Gamerz:

    Buy Lamborghini Huracan

  14. Vinnie glynn:

    Notification squad where u at

  15. Ethanfx:

    Love this series keep it up!! Got here before my notification even came up

  16. Billomania 19:

    thought you weren’t going to upload today nice video as always 🙂

  17. detjon mehmeti:

    Upload faster plssss

    • flavio lopes:

      He’s already doing 2/3 gameplays a day and sometimes with other games. Its ok if he uploads a little late or only 1 everyone can be busy. Still he’s vids have a lot of content a i love he’s voice its rly cool for commentary

    • Eğelence Saltanatı:

      C mon man! He is uploading 2/3 videos in one day! Professional youtubers don’t doin’ it! (Like PewDiePie)

  18. Rea per:

    Never close hentai so fast before

  19. Edi Brasoveanu:

    22:31 WolfTFK he was a boss in NFS Carbon

  20. GameRiot:

    Only one video today — Should be at least two tomorrow (Sorry)

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