NEED FOR SPEED PAYBACK GAMEPLAY — VW Beetle Customization Gameplay — ‘Herbie Fully Loaded’

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Raw Exclusive Gamplay from Need for Speed Payback!
An insane custom job on a VW Beetle!
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комментариев 50

  1. The Ultimate Racer:

    Do you intend on having lunch on that table at the back of the car?

  2. austrailian man who identifys as a kangaroo:

    10 bucks the bettle has the most customisation in that game and the rest of the cars have 2 options.

  3. Asonii -:

    next theyre gonna let us customise a fucking tricycle

  4. Channel 53 Your Herbie Channel:

    Now that’s… Fully Loaded

  5. Mysterious Figure:

    I like that it’s a range of customization, and that you can keep it simple or go absolutely mad, and it’s great to see that you can even tune cars like the beetle.

  6. Manolis Arc7:

    reminds me of a williams livery ….lets keep that car away from stroll

  7. Joseph Faulkner:

    yo dawg. i heard you like spoilers…

  8. GameWolf:

    <3 Herbie <3

  9. Matt Snyder:

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about. That car looks totally reasonable.

    • Cosmin29:

      ryan mullins Well You you are not forced to choose them so You can go for amtoned down build

    • ryan mullins:

      PPFFTT hahahahahahahahahahah, i’m reasonably tolerant of these sorts of car mods but honestly its going a little overboard with the slammed suspension and caber and the colossal rear wing.

  10. Drift240:

    Herbie on steroids

  11. Waffle Man500:


  12. Muhd Alif Anwar:

    herbie is fully loaded

  13. Insane Games XP:

    where is Underground 3 ?

  14. Sizwe Mkhwanazi:

    fucked cool I think everyone is going to do that on 10 of November

  15. Jean E. Marre:

    lol — I have a lot of phantasy, but I never thought there´s a racing game with a beetle.^^

  16. RoboSheepz:

    Does it have wheel support tho?

  17. Bora Çetin:

    It looks sick good job

  18. TecPlay:

    1st person view???

  19. Gore2Duo:

    Crew Copy.exe

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