NEED FOR SPEED PAYBACK Gameplay Trailer (E3 2017) PS4/Xbox One

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NEED FOR SPEED PAYBACK Gameplay Trailer (E3 2017) PS4/Xbox One

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комментария 74

  1. Infinita Abysso:

    That voice acting is bollocks.

  2. Salman Muhit:

    We need NFS Underground 3… period !!

    • Antoine Beauvillain:

      Nah I think Salman meant that we need something in the same line (as in storyline, universe, gameplay as well maybe) as the Underground franchise. Because it was damn good when it came out! Time trials to get a magazine cover, style contests (of sorts), pursuit with other riders (AI then, multiplayer or intrusion kinda thing like Dark Souls now?), and so on. Add the cops like in NFS Most Wanted and I’m selling my soul for this one!

    • Marco Funke:

      Some idiots still think, a game is suddenly good if it has a special name tagged on.
      Just change «Need For Speed 2015» with «Need For Speed Underground 3», the title would make sense, but the game is the same.

  3. Toastrz:

    Why do they even want this other car? They already have an immortal supercar.

  4. London Cars and Games:


  5. Callum TheCrazyP9:

    yes back with the good old days

  6. Tecosaurus:

    I don’t like how it’s slow motion for 5 seconds EVERY time you destroy the enemy’s car. Should be like the Arkham series and should go slow motion for the last guy instead.

  7. Jorge Humberto Esquivel Puente:

    This looks REALLY good, but the last need for speed was really hyped up and it ended up being trash. I’ll wait till it comes out to see if it lives up to its expectations.

  8. T_Stark46:

    Looks like Need for Speed The run

  9. Da BRZbeast:

    The physics don’t look like it will be a big improvement. Same old tap to drift and burn out style gameplay as it seems to me. Just looking for similar to old nfsmw or carbon physics.

    • Alex Capi:

      NFS MW had the smoothest physics of any car game I have every played…

    • Syed Muhammad Mizreeiman:

      Da BRZbeast f

    • Aidas Matulaitis:

      Man its soooo true — its not about the graphics either , like if you look back to Most wanted ( well scripted, good story — easily to catch up with, you dont get fast car — you need to earn it by buying other lower cars and upgrade them so you can buy better one , its like you become from noob to smoove haha. And the game for me is all about options , what can you do in game? maybe you can have unique garage and you want upgrade so you can have more cars in it .. or maybe you like racing a lot and you want create your own illegal/legal race match 😀 — and want style you prefer ? being polite racer and join career as racer who wants to become number 1 on legal tracks with other racers — or maybe you wan to earn respect with other racers by doing illegal activities — i mean so many options you can choose … would be great if you could implement more variety options for players — for me Most wanted is still the best — other need for speed games was peace of crap — for me 🙂

    • Crazy Bostonian:

      You can turn brake to drift off

    • Osvaldo Rivera Del Arco:


  10. Que Curioso:

    Meu Deus do céu que jogo fooooda

  11. Seniadiz YT:

    gta 5: Import Export Dlc

  12. Vishis N' Delishis:

    Riders on the storm……

  13. Radu Blanc:

    so unrealistic,gta driving is better then this

    • evansbrandon87:

      Auros Gamer only thing i like about shift is that the handling was decent. Better than Shift 2.

    • evansbrandon87:

      Clok-Roo, The Primordial Hot pursuit had great handling as well. I liked the GT games too! Though the original ones were much better. They even had good ost soundtracks that out do todays music.

    • Clok-Roo, The Primordial:

      See, this is why I like the Gran Turismo series and earlier NFS titles: you can actually CONTROL the car!
      (Not saying recent NFS has no control — Rivals and Most Wanted ACG have pretty good handling — but the earlier titles I feel have the best sense of control.)

    • Auros Gamer:

      Shift was a try…

  14. Vishis N' Delishis:

    If you like this gameplay you best like this dang comment and put it at the top. You hear me Undergrounders? (No, I don’t mean this game is like Underground, its a name for NFS fans, chill…)

  15. SilentRange:

    If only Midnight Club came in, THINGS WOULD BE HEATED

  16. Mohammed Hasan:

    this game looks sick!

  17. Abhishek Maurya:

    RIP NFS, you have turned into dogshit

  18. Jav Darpa:

    Is just the same as the previous NFS … wow so exciting

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