Need for Speed Payback Gameplay: Stealing a Supercar Mission

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The opening mission of the Gamescom 2017 demo where you take down a semi to steal a supercar.

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комментария 94

  1. Vahzen:

    I miss old NFS games: Underground 2, Most Wanted and Carbon

  2. Madlife:

    How many times are they going to show this?

  3. TheBlackItalianGamer:

    I still cant believe we havent got any Burnout game on this gen yet? while we have about 4 NFS games.

  4. Škopin & Pulka:

    even my grandma would play it better

    • PandaKnifes:

      Škopin it looks like it’ll feel like most wanted with all the action. :/

    • Škopin & Pulka:

      im not even going to play this game when i saw this. I would much rather buy the crew 2

    • Daniel Arroyo Gomez:

      Just wait, until the game realese you’ll be sure you will buy it.

    • Škopin & Pulka:

      No i wont because i want to put my money into something more potentional. I played all nfs games from 2010 and lets say it wasnt my cup of tea. Only nfs games i like are pro street, underground 2,most wanted, underground 1 and carbon. Maybe i i will change my mind after they will release some new gameplay footage but if i would not like it I wont buy it.

  5. alexkid1:

    That’s one hell of a fast truck.

  6. leonico76:

    Love that Truck turn in at 99 MPH…….. wtf??

  7. Daily Tadpole:

    The voice acting is horrible

  8. Marty Zues:

    I remember in the good old days people would already be impressed & appreciate that a game is made , nowadays even with realistic graphics, diverse gameplay, super powerful game consoles , people still complain

  9. mar-v-son:

    Damn it looks dumb, sooo still crapy nfs…

  10. Jacob Alejandro:

    those gas prices tho

  11. Felix Ramirez:

    Fast and furious 10

  12. TheDevilsMouse:

    Leaving mission area, resetting? Really? In a need for speed game?!??!?!!

  13. Ziom Krzysztof:

    In a world, where laws of physics don’t apply…

  14. Hervyn Batista:

    That truck can probably beat the Nismo GTR at the nurburgring by the looks of it.

  15. Maximiliano Amaral:

    Smash the nitrous and drift on every corner simulator

  16. SUPA_ BEAST22:

    Damn I wish forza was on ps4

  17. LazAffects:

    This is Need for Speed ?! They’ve come a long way. Im buying this

  18. Austin Theng:

    Will there be 2 players split-screen?

  19. Muzammil Qureshi:

    wow another shitty fast n furious movie..they gona kill the franchise anytime soon?

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