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Welcome to Need For Speed Payback's Customization!! There's so much stuff to check out here! Especially the new cars!
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Song: T-Mass — Bow and Arrow [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.

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комментариев 77

  1. TC9700Gaming:

    Definitely excited to play NFS Payback when it comes out!!

  2. Kotonaru:

    I cried when i saw the F type, thank god.

  3. Eat Sleep JDM:

    Will there be ford sierra? Probably not….

  4. PhenomenalGamer2001:

    I hope they will add the Honda Civic Coupe such an awesome car the customization will be Phenomenal

  5. larrie johnson:

    I saw a corvette zo6 when you paused it at the green Camaro up ahead in the race it was yellow

  6. Quantum Pleb:

    People complaining stfu, Be happy that you’re gonna get a new nfs or just fuckoff and drive your chrome lambo in gta

  7. 司徒凱文:

    this is game is build on gamers feedback for the past two years

  8. ksoler55:

    3:00 Razorback in 1st place… Is Razor back??

  9. the Ender Dragon king:

    I just need to buy PlayStation 4

  10. HazyDrift420:

    Will there be manual transmission?

  11. MMC N:

    Is RazorBack coming back??? In the same screenshot of the Camaro in the positions of the race he’s in first place.

  12. Tiring Elk61:

    I hope they added the Lexus IS300 like if you hope that car would be in the game

  13. Ryan Lee:

    Why have the Dev’s purposely avoided addressing the Main Issue… Handling & Physics. That’s why the community emptied out after a month on the previous title. Simply keep what worked from the Previous title and Fix the Physics & Handling, please!

  14. TLEE1906_2 aka X-Men:

    Great video

  15. XxGAME OVERxX:

    I want the underground 2 civic plz :)))))

  16. m.s.3 dk:

    It seems like it has a little bit of nfs pro street in it

  17. drift king458:

    i wish we could pop the hood like in forza i dont even have an xbox i have PS4

  18. Robert Mondragon:

    Can we get to drive a truck???

  19. its Nordin:

    Ive already preorder the game im so hyped

  20. Jimmy Gaytan:

    hope you can have more than 6 cars and that exhaust actually changes the sound of the car

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