Need For Speed Payback — Final Race & Ending

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Need For Speed Payback Final Boss Race & Full Ending + Post Credits Secret Scene.

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комментария 52

  1. Thomas Wang:

    Disappointing af. Everything is so shallow.

  2. Majiin Frost:

    and NFS most wanted 2005 still has the best ending until now

  3. Haseeb Nasir:

    wwwoooww what a boring nfs but you played well ??


    Wtf has happened to need for speed

  5. The_XingOn 507:

    What happen if you lose the race!!?

  6. RR3 Davis:

    I like that Vulcan

  7. LOPES YT:

    This game like a asphalt 8 lol

  8. Lambodriver217:

    What happened to the one percent?

  9. Pandu Gumelar:

    For the last race… It just… Well not very impacting. Maybe the player was too OP or the opponent was weak

  10. Vic Cudiamat:

    I played nfs 2015 it is slippery. But Forza is by far the best handling cars then Gran Turismo

  11. Steve Jobs:


  12. theonlyguy174:

    Why is there a Dodge Challenger looks like the newest models but put one of the old ones for the car list!?!? It’s 2017 we need newer car models gosh damit 5:06

  13. Никита Белов:

    Navarro’s dead?

  14. Ghadeer Iraq-i:

    Forza Horizon3 is the best

  15. Nissan 180SX Type X:

    Nani?! Vulcan dorifto (JK)

  16. YoLoBoY _YT:

    wtf happen with the aston martin XD the TUTUTUTTTUTUTUTTUTUUTUTTUTUT XD

  17. Hot Rod Ryan Cool:

    Mclaren P1 vs Aston martin Vulcan yes

  18. JLMD:

    Morgan hold the «THICK LG V30» right?

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