Need for Speed Payback: Final Mission + Ending (Driving Koenigsegg Regera)

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If you are looking to get all collectibles in the game, check out this guide made by rubhen

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  1. Avetho Plays:

    I call hax! Lina’s P1 teleported to the finish.

  2. Duck360Gaming2:

    If you are looking to get all collectibles in the game, check out this guide made by rubhen

  3. Adnan Pillay:

    u left her way behind lmao

  4. Explore17:

    No offence my friend, but the taillights of a Mustang on the back of a Koenigsegg Regera was a terrible idea!

  5. kyyytS_:

    9:18 everyone?

    Cross : EVERYONE!!

  6. Crompton Poppin:

    Looks like V Tec didn’t kick in for Lina…

  7. Luis Roman:

    Neymar called, he wants his hairstyle back

  8. Andrei Paval:

    I’m the only thinking this need for speed’s races are too easy?

  9. Marcos Yyyeyehd:

    Look at the asphalt 8 physics

  10. Michael William:

    Lol Lina don’t stand a chance against a 1000hp regera with her shitty p1 lol so that’s why she tried to steal it and we stole it again and now we use it to defeat her
    Edit:thanks to ash the regera is 1500 Hp and the p1 is 904 hp

  11. RAMPAGE X:

    The story could have been better

  12. Niggtendo:

    You literally left her in the dust lmao. That wasn’t much of a battle hahahahah.

  13. Eternal:

    so yeah nfs became asphalt 8….

  14. DeadlyAquila:

    Remember when you could beat the NFS game with any car not just Hyper cars? Glad I didn’t buy this. Seems They don’t actually listen to the Feedback from people. Vote with your Wallet. Don’t support this trash until it’s fixed.

    • Marius6000:

      Alright, I see your point.

    • Dimapit:

      no one which is why i said that you have both options, you can play with lower end cars that you can upgrade or with super cars

    • Marius6000:

      Well, it ain’t realistic for a Beetle to beat a McLaren; but still, who said this was Gran Turismo all the sudden.

    • Dimapit:

      lol what exactly would be realistic about beating a Mclaren with a VW Beetle? You can still beat her with non-exotic cars though if that’s what you’re referring to…the game offers you so many cars that you have w/e option you like…if you prefer old-style upgrade the derelicts or cheap cars and for people that prefer more exotic cars it also caters them…i would probably say they have managed to cater most consumers interests to a great extent…also there is a lot to do in terms of content, such as collectibles, derelicts and getting more cars, there is online, and there are more missions coming

    • ThisCreatedAccount:

      DeadlyAquila I just beat it with a Corvette C7 310. lmao. LS power FTW.

  15. [GD] Hafeeq2086:

    The regera looks insane but the spoiler….please… No

    • Marius6000:

      Cutomize it the way you want it when the Regera’s yours’ Or are you one of those who stepped away from the game because it somehow was a virus or cancer? You’ll know that better then me.

  16. Felik Kusuma Wardana:

    10:00 dat car shape LMAO

  17. UltraTempo Ultra:

    wow wtf dice says you need more as 10h toooo finish the story and now after 1 day we get final mission/end … wtf

  18. Lavish Ways:

    Need for speed carbon had the hardest boss races

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