NEED FOR SPEED PAYBACK Final Boss and All Endings

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комментариев 65

  1. lonewolf 360:

    Just loved how all the racers have your back when you get to the air port

  2. Leo Chang:

    The ending could’ve been better with some small missions, it’s seems like it was kinda rushed

  3. Lin Chester:

    This has been never about luck

    I don’t have friends, I’ve got a family — Tyler Morgan

  4. Pologetic Humor:

    Lina: Everyone?


  5. Imma kill you.:

    I’m guessing that Marcus Weir did not finish the Collector, as in simply defeating him…

    He WAS the Collector. My guess is that he has been setting up the House, years ago, just to take them down for the sake of Arkwright. Let’s talk this through, shall we?

    *Marcus Weir*
    A petrolhead with plenty of high-end supercars, who runs his own casino and just happens to be «rich beyond his wildest dreams». Except he’s not dreaming, but living it. And he seems to care a lot about his cars. Not only his beloved DB11, but «his» Regera, as well.

    *The Koenigsegg Regera*
    It all started with that car. Lina wanted to steal it for the House. Marcus wanted it back for whatever purposes. But it is not just the sheer performance or looks of this beauty that make this car so important for both parties. It is all about that «special tech» under the hood that normally, you would not spot on any other hypercar. Something that would turn this car into a weapon, almost.

    _»It wasn’t the car that mattered, but what was in it.» — Chase Linh (Need For Speed: Undercover)_

    *The Collector*

    _»[…] And he’s got one addiction: cars.» — Marcus Weir (Need For Speed: Payback)_

    Much like Marcus, the Collector must have a very high interest in certain vehicles, such as the Regera. And of course, much like Marcus would rely on Tyler Morgan, the Collector relied on Lina Navarro. The Collector also seems to care less about relying on Lina, as it is shown at the very end of the Outlaw’s Rush that he would dispose of Lina, and instead, recruit Morgan for his plans.

    *The Barrio Duo*
    Tyler and Lina have quite a few things in common. They both grew up in Barrio, they both managed to grow beyond, and they are both talented drivers. Technology, or not, Lina is supposed to be Tyler’s match, in terms of skills. Assuming that Marcus and the Collector were both one person, all that Marcus would have to do, is see who was going to win the Outlaw’s Rush. It was win-win from that moment on.

    *The Gambler & Arkwright*
    We know little to nothing about Kobashi, the man behind the mysterious organisation called «Arkwright». We could assume however, that he just happened to have witnessed Lina’s confrontation from that silver Honda NSX during the very last cutscene with Lina. A Japanese car for a Japanese business man? Pretty cliché… Of course, Marcus, the Gambler watched the scene from the balcony, as well. His gamble had no direct correlation to his casino. He never worried about the casino, in the first place. It was all about the car. If he was the Collector, the House would have to do what he says, meaning that this was all a set-up! Lina and Tyler drove for the same person, battling each other out. And the winner would get a free ticket to the next bonus round: Arkwright.

  6. konohamaru77:

    5:22 = truck : omae wa mo shinde iru
    5:23 = corvette cops : NANI?!

  7. FmatGaming:

    Love the videos as always it is a movie to me

  8. bobby cole:

    I believe its cross cop corvette

  9. benjamin araya robles:

    9:34 navarro´s plate, «fix3r» how ironic :v

  10. Eddlm:

    Way too… bland. If the crew’s interference were at least handled as part of the race, via AI, that would at least have been interesting. A one time cinematic isn’t worth it.
    And what’s with the constant backfiring? Does Tyler like to put popcorn of every car he sits in?

  11. LUX:

    imagine their next job going to rockport city becoming the most wanted with cross on their asses

  12. Vasya Pupkin:

    Is that Cooper from Pro Street and Bull from Most Wanted?

    • Speed DemonPowerage98 Yuuki&Deltheafan:

      Hawk Studios Gaming Aki says no one can beat the king not just someone how dare you call the NFS Prostreet Drift King until Ryan Cooper beat him someone then Mac says but someone did beat the king Ryan, something Aki then responds that was years ago.

    • Hawk Studios Gaming:

      Ironically there is actually a reference to Ryan Cooper earlier in the game after a drift trial.

      Mac: I could beat the king!
      Someone: No one beats the king, Mac.
      Mac: But someone did beat the king, *Ryan,* I think.

    • AP13P:

      No, they are displayed by their first names. Cuz it is Tyler Morgan, so if it was Cooper, Ryan would be on that list.

  13. Eternal Existence:

    why do i feel like ive heard this game dialogue in other games

  14. Zikri Hakim:

    The Collector sounds a lot like Darius. «Don’t disappoint».

  15. Yasu_ fumi:

    wow COOPER?

  16. virgin boi:

    14:00 Need for speed carbon ending?

  17. Lin Chester:

    I can already imagine the next game title.

    Need For Speed: The House Strikes Back

    Need For Speed: Lina’s Revenge

  18. SPEEDR:

    Im surprise no one has pointed this out but the face animation is terrible. Looks like a carry on from Andromeda


    «All Endings»

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