Need For Speed Payback Ep3 — Unlocking Customization / First Car Purchase

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комментария 54

  1. Samsung Grand:


  2. TRAPzilla GAMING:

    The card system was in prostreet

  3. Lapadov 3:

    Back at it again

  4. Devil Gamer:

    This game is so fun and that g35 i so thick i wanna date your car

  5. GucciMane'sMainMane:

    Bro you talk a little too much when they’re talking tbh

  6. Jerry JJJ:

    I will take that S2000 like if u agree?

  7. RianRR Sauce:

    The GNX sounds like DK’s 350Z

  8. Salim Aouni:

    turbo the g35 slap

  9. BlizzGangGNR100#616#313#170BX:

    Lol I knew you was going to pick the Buick

  10. MaliciousMalware:

    The card system was used in nfs world

  11. M x G:

    SLAP SUBTITLES! Cant understand sht from the phone calls? but video is great ??

  12. Morgan Jacobson:

    Was I the only one screaming downshift?

  13. Fred RandomGuyccxr:

    I Don’t think any game this year has received more Internet attention than Payback has. Glad to see that my fav series has got the world buzzin’!

  14. Chain:

    Can you turn on subtitles for the next episode?

  15. Aziz groove:

    Does GNX has V6 engine?

    • Alex McGarr:

      Jordan Wiley hey bud. This aint instagram. Tags dont work like that

    • Jordan Wiley:

      In real life, the GNX was rated at 276 horsepower and 380 pound feet of torque with a Turbo 3.8 liter 231 cubic inch V6 of Buick’s own design with a Garret Turbo with ceramic impeller, and I think 16psi of boost. I know the GN’s ranged from 12-14. But with the GNX being as heavy as it was (3500ish pounds) and as fast as it was (13.8 in the 1/4. NO it did not do 12s and were not faster than an F40 or a 930), horsepower figures out to be around 300-350 instead of the actual 276 rated. The turbo 1980s Regals are really neat cars.

    • Jordan Wiley:

      lol @Cashmoney

    • LSX Nation:

      It does not have a V8; it has a turbo V6 engine

    • RKB_8_RAH:

      Yeah its a v6

  16. Austin Mbata:

    anyone else think the black guy sounds like Big Shaq? lol

  17. Dezibel´s und Turbo´s:

    I will get the Mk1 for sure 😀

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