Need for Speed Payback — Customization

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Game: Need for Speed
Platform: PC


Song: Melano — Don't Fight It

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комментария 63

  1. B-Rad:

    Never clicked on a video so fast!

  2. X Blocky:

    I love how’s there are at least one part for every section

  3. Maximiliano Amaral:

    poor camaro lmao

  4. HordSS:

    Did EA say that you had 4 min to make a video of you customizion all the cars? Cause this video honestly feels put togheter super quickly with no thoughs….

    Like, What the hell did you do to that poor Camaro?

  5. Abhivaadharma Putra Lista:

    looks abit similar to 2015 in this state, but it looks much more complex and more diverse

  6. Connor Gregus:

    same customization style as NFS2015… I’m not complaining 🙂

  7. Ruthless_ Destroyer:

    worst customizer ever!

    • Dread Simulator 2kfuckin'17:

      lmao these nobodies be criticising THE domestic mango for showing fantastic NFS Payback footage and all they can say is «wow ricer» really airheads? He’s showing the possibilities. Give me a break.

    • Poopsicle:

      zFender Plays From the beta to release, NFS 2015 didn’t change much so it’s expected that this will probably be final for the cars shown.

  8. K Wilson:

    lol is this a seven year old customizing these cars

  9. Chuy:

    This looks so damn amazing! I can’t wait to lay my hands on this game, the customization looks wild! HYPE IS REAL YO!

  10. Angel5541:

    You are amazing at what you do. Thank you for this, I’ve been waiting

  11. João Pedro:

    the guy doing the customization has some really weird tastes XD

  12. Sabre:

    well, if i ever want to ruin my car, i know who to call

  13. CarrottMeister:

    Never thought I’d say this but I’m liking the beetles mod choices a lot lol

  14. Brais:

    «Ghost really improved handling and customization» said no one ever, im really sad, really wanted this game to be nice, i like the heists a la undercover, but not that focus on outside cameras, i want to be in control all the time, how much cooler would it be to keep the car in the same speed as the truck and not just watching it

    • jakemichie97:

      +barry bee
      > «Early build.»
      > Game releases early November.

      We might get some minor changes, but any changes we get won’t be ground breaking. The «early build» excuse would work if we were a year or more out from release, but we’re only 5 months out. At this point, Ghost is likely doing bug testing and optimisation work, they’ve likely comitted to the gameplay and left it alone.

    • RandomUser M:

      barry bee name an EA game that actually changed from its early build to release.

    • Nissan 360:

      Dakota early build dude

  15. GᗩᗰᕮᖇᖴᗩᑎᗩTIᑕ2017:

    I wasnt happy about the limited customization of the last game and it looks like this game does have more but hopefully there’s parts for every section of every car. Yes including the higher end cars. Every car should have options, people who dont want to add customization to some cars they dont need to touch the options but let the options be there for those who want to make their car their own instead of stock lookalikes like every AI car. The one thing I didnt like in Hot Pursuit 2010, lack of customization. Everyone has their own opinion and if you dont like customization then dont bother wasting your time commenting on this comment. 😛

    • Limbo:

      ɑ ɢɑʍєʀ’s ʀσσʍ 2015 They cant always get parts for every single car because of licensing reasons

    • Haumi Lamare:

      You should understand that hot pursuit 2010 is a classic need for speed like it always was since the beginning. So far it’ll be the last Classic Need for speed created. I like the game works but they should’ve add like class spec version like The Run.

    • Schon239 N.O.D:

      HP 2010 didn’t need customization because it was going for the original HP. By the way, when NFS started out, it wasn’t about customization, it was about what HP 2010 did. Racing high-end cars while evading the police.
      And it’s Replying to this comment, not commenting on this comment.

  16. ʜᴀᴢᴀʀ ɪᴘᴇᴋ:

    they said «we gave weight to customization»… bruh, even underground 1 has more options for bumpers, hoods, spoilers etc.

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