NEED FOR SPEED PAYBACK Customization Gameplay (E3 2017)

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NEED FOR SPEED PAYBACK Customization Gameplay (E3 2017)

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комментария 54

  1. King Woozy:

    A lot of people bitching in the comments I see lol

  2. wiseguy240 Winston:

    The crybaby nostagtards complain about anything I like what I see so far.

  3. Mr. MostWanted:

    Mind Blown Holy Sh*t, customization is even cooler than in NFS 2015 🙂

  4. B.G.B Reptile ITA:

    They’ve basically copied The Crew, that’s it

  5. MówPoLucku:

    Ea play not e3

  6. KMSTRZ:

    They didnt show us something special

    • Magatsu Kami:

      mgsRyder interior customization would be to die for changing your seats the colors,changing the pedals the shifting stick roll bars oh my that would be amazing

    • KMSTRZ:

      the salty prince and gem yeah, I know. They have changed a lot gameplay of NFS 15 after trailer on EA PLAY

    • Are you smart enough:

      KMSTRZ bro it’s only the second trailer chill I’m pretty sure you can customize other cars

    • KMSTRZ:

      mgsRyder Yesssss. Its reskin and again cars in garage look worse. Its better a bit, Bettle has few colours of front lights and its nice in my opinion. 350Z is nice but SLOW MOTION wouldnt be in game. Similiar gameplay was in NFSMW2012, and they didnt put slow motion take downs in game. Marketing is so weak. 2 same gameplays at EA PLAY.. I thought they will show something better like fully customization of 350Z (NFS 15 customization trailer, and just whole trailer was better!) neon is ok, but like it was with Morohoshi’s car in NFS15. And interrior doesnt seems to be real here. U got it in the crew/Gta for me it isnt special.

    • mgsRyder:

      KMSTRZ Right? Felt like a re-skin of 2015’s, they are saying the customization is better than ever yet only show this.. Thus far all the things they are showing are not making me too hype, except for the 350z and slow-motion wrecking cars! Im still hoping that its just bad marketing and that the game is better than they are showing it to be though. I only would like neon lights, interior customization and of course, with it, interior first person camera! That would greatly increase my hype, personally.

  7. DPG Vibes:

    Can y’all stop crying little bitches in the comment section please I never seen so many complaints over a game that’s not even out yet (other than COD of course).

  8. Geert Wilders:

    but can we customize those super builts?


      Geert Wilders you can customize your car to be a super built. Those builds are just presents to see what it looks like. Kinda like the crew!!

    • Hoast Schlemma:

      It looked to me like the superbuilds are necessary if you want to get the fastest version of your car… and if you cannot customize them, it would suck a lot.

    • lambusado:

      You can customize to the superbuilds, you do not need to use them.

    • ThatRalphy:

      Geert Wilders Exactly, it just looks like once you convert your car to that style there’s not much you can do. Just like in the last game where if you put on a body kit you basically couldn’t change anything else.

  9. jaehyun park:

    0:23 전범기….. EA생각 있으셔요?

  10. dharushan411:

    «We can’t deny the fans what they want».
    Denies us Underground 3.

  11. 볼트 드웰러:

    23seconds God damn Rising Sun Flag.Why EA using Symbol of War Criminal??Rising Sun = Hakenkreuz

  12. donggyu Jang:

    What the…
    That’s WW2 Japan’s flag.
    It’s same flag like Hakenkreuz.

  13. LtGrayFire98:

    Will we be able to play offline?

  14. adrien baisden:

    Yawn…Nfs is dead they killed and buried it, last Nfs i really enjoyed was most wanted (original).

  15. java kim:

    Rising Sun = Nazi Hakenkreuz

  16. younjun hoi:

    0:26 Japan rising sun flag = Germany Hakenkreuz ..

    • un known:

      younjun hoi Unlike the German Hakenkreuz the Japanese rising sun is still in use. In this case It’s the flag of the Japanese marine. And the logo of liberty walk.

  17. JomHD:

    NFSU2 did all of this better… and that was in 2004. Good job EA!

  18. 김도연:

    WTF rising sun flag. are you kidding?? it’s like Hakenkreuz. shame for war victims

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