Need for Speed Payback : CARS, CUSTOMIZATION, STORY & MORE!!

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Need for Speed Payback's Trailer was just released and we got loads of info about the new game. For instance Need for Speed Payback Release date of November 10th and we get a first look at some of Need for Speed Paybacks Cars & Customization. If you want to see some Need for Speed Payback Gameplay, make sure you subscribe and be on the lookout for some NEXT WEEK!

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комментариев 60

  1. AR12Gaming:

    So what do you guys think of Need for Speed Payback? Be on the lookout for some gameplay NEXT WEEK and make sure you subscribe! #NotificationSquad 🙂

  2. Takumi Fujiwara:

    This is The Crew on steroids.?

  3. Bart Walkowiak:

    I guess this is payback for most wanted 2012 and rivals

  4. TheDriftingJDM:

    Need for speed: Fast and Furious edition

  5. KronosYT:

    Love it 😀

  6. AE777:

    Almost seems like you’ve been told what to say…

  7. ReboyGTR:

    All i want is the R33 Skyline!

  8. Harrison Baker:

    I can’t wait to play it

  9. Dank Lord 69:

    I clicked so fast, I got a speeding ticket

  10. xHawk64 _:

    If there’s no online at all I ain’t hyped, at all

  11. Liam liamt007:

    looks good just hope the gameplay is good

  12. Steef S:

    It reminds me about the crew

  13. Monsterenergyy43:

    When he says it will be completely offline, does this mean there will be no multiplayer? Or just the story mode offline?

  14. Michael A:

    It’s 2017, and we’re still excited about games with day in them.

  15. Tigo Koppelman:

    For all the people that don’t understand. There is a offline mode and a online mode.

  16. Tone:

    They literally just uploaded the trailer lmao

  17. DeathPanda5603:

    Anyone getting fast and furious showdown flashback of when the guy jumped on the truck. Maybe we could get out of our car to do stuff like mini heist like getting the Regrea?

  18. Dev Mac:

    Payback? Are you fucking serious????

  19. Domanic Taylor:

    Just remaster underground 2 and I’ll be happy

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