Need for Speed: Payback — Car Customization Gameplay || E3 2017 (1080p)

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Need for Speed: Payback — Car Customization Gameplay || E3 2017 (1080p)
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комментария 63

  1. bimbo swagginz:

    shoutout to nick for making a stock beetle. really showed off the customization

  2. Mario Rodriguez:

    im satisfied that there’s finally a 350z in the game.

    • Mario Rodriguez:

      Pro street was good,carbon,underground i remember that in pro street you could get stage 4 parts for your car and i liked when you had to chosse one out of five surprise boxes sometimes you got cash.

    • Adam Ellis:

      each t their own i hated it
      the run n carbon was more fun for me.

    • bjplaysgames:

      Adam Ellis Prostreet was the most amazing one after Underground for me. The awesome widebody builds (some like it some not), the drag races and especially the cool soundtrack while speeding through those speedrun desert tracks. I feel nostalgia.. Damnit..

    • Benjamin Martin:

      Mario Rodriguez pro street was probably my favorite need for speed.

  3. Ascari KZ1R:

    Painted Headlights! WOOOHOOO!!!!

    • cthulhu fhtagn:

    • Ascari KZ1R:

      +Willem Ran Okay okay i forgive you mate.

    • Willem Ran:

      i think you misunderstood. I forgot to mention i reacted to Anastasios Kaidirmaoglou the second reaction to your original comment. It was his quote i just repeated it. He also said the mustang part. I agree with you on most part accept for the dodge viper part i think it could be called a supercar because of its high price and overkill on horsepower. So Please forgive me but there is nothing wrong with my attitude. haha! By the look of your name you have an excellent taste my friend!

    • Ascari KZ1R:

      +Willem Ran Who said only Mustang were a Pony? There are tons of pony cars out there. I’m not saying only Mustangs are the pony cars.

      And so what i didn’t know that so you have to tell me like that? Learn the attitude first mate.

    • Willem Ran:

      Get your damn facts straight kid? «Pony car: The term describes an affordable, compact, highly styled car with a sporty or performance-oriented image.»
      The Camaro was indeed a Pony car.
      Only mustangs where called «pony car»? wrong again, they got it from the horse yes. but every brand had its own pony cars. Just bellow the muscle cars.

  4. Framerape:

    The Hype is to big..!!

  5. Juan Carlos Caceres Disla:

    The game looks dope and the graphics have definitely been enhance! I’m looking forward to buying the game tbh

  6. KrispyyWombat:

    «In real life there isn’t much you can do with a Beetle»


  7. The Greatest:

    I feel like if there isn’t cockpit view, nor manual transmission, like in Need For Speed 2015, this game will be a step behind, when you have games like Forza Horizon, Motorsport, and Project Cars 2 coming out. The gameplay honestly looks like Burnout, which could be cool, but it just seems dated.

    • CaptFerrall:

      LilSonic Cockpit veiw is more immersive. I didn’t spend a rediculous amount on a tv to sit in my crappy rent to own house, that doesn’t have a right angle on it, to feel like I’m playing a videogame. I want to feel like I’m flogging a Dodge Viper through winding roads. It makes life a suck a little less.

    • LilSonic:

      Order of the Pancake shield I guess you have a good point

    • Order of the Pancake shield:

      LilSonic but why not add an option? why do people always argue about what should or shouldnt, is or isnt when all you need is choice. if it being a NFS game and having cockpit doesnt feel right to you, you simply dont use it, but why does that mean it doesnt need the feature? choices and option are the best way to please the vast majority of the players…

    • LilSonic:

      Mamdouh N. yeah I agree its a NFS game we dont need cockpit view

    • Tsutarja495:

      Everyone else has one now.

  8. Sergio Garcia:

    Now i just need my paycheck ? so i can get it

  9. ZhyEnd:

    As long as u still have the Silvia S15 in there and tweaked a little bit with the handling im happy

  10. Davo Kiryuin:

    but is there an AE86 ….

  11. 22 22:

    «We can’t deny the fans what they want»


  12. Badasi12b:

    some of yall are tripping! this game looks awesome! and i play forza horizon 3!

  13. BioXeoArrow:

    Had to click off the porn i was watching so this better be worth it

  14. Osama Amer:

    Looks great

  15. SRicK91:

    «Out there in reality there’s not much that you can do to a beetle» Are you Serious? 😀

  16. PortableSquash3:

    «in reality not much things you can do to a beetle». probably one of the most modified cars in the history. Streetbuggy, Beach Buggy, amphibious SWIMWAGEN, pickups, vans, TANKS … and all the bodykits and engineswaps done to them.

  17. Mario Rodriguez:

    i like how they added effects on the gameplay trailer whenever you crash another car or those movie scene jumping to the truck,i think is cool.

    • Andrei Sava:

      I lost so many races or crashed into a tree in NFS:The Run just because of those shity takedowns.Hopefully there would be an option to disable them.

    • Mario Rodriguez:

      RAY M hopefully doesnt make the car keep running as your watching the small scene,i hope it pauses right after you hit another car so that way you wont have to worry about crashing.

    • RAY M:

      Mario Rodriguez that just anoying for me for burnout if i takedown someone carmera shows up downed car and back to my car my car crashed or scratching himself on the wall

      thank god burnout had a option to.disable it

    • Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH':

      Mario Rodriguez said no one ever

  18. VDub Life:

    Not much you can do to a beetle in reality ?? this muthafucka dumb

  19. Andy V.:

    theres not many things you can do with beetles?? does this guy live under a rock??

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