Need for Speed Payback Camaro SS Customization Gameplay

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Raw customization gameplay of the Camaro SS in Need for Speed Payback!

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комментарий 61

  1. KTheSupreme:

    can i just say the backround music sounds amazing

  2. Justin Held:

    Whoa NFS! Don’t get too crazy with those 3 options per part. *rolls eyes*

  3. White Washed:

    Those who are getting this game, forget about the haters and whiny kids who’s mind is stuck in the past. If you think it’s cool, get it. Don’t let whiny kids ruin your hype and/or your motivation to get this game. It’s a great game. I’m pretty Sure NFS and Ghost Appreciate those who appreciate the hard work they put in the game.

  4. Hans Lyth:

    I Love your taste in customization compared with theo who makes the riciest cars

  5. Mr. Rodgers Flipping you off:

    All I want is 4 things. Good gameplay, Good cars, Good modding and Good engine sound.

  6. Amir Obeidat:

    honestly, The need for speed community Is the worst community i’ve ever seen (coming after COD of course) you people are never happy with what you get, «ooh look it’s the need for speed 2015 clone» «Fast and furious copy paste» » we need the old need for speed series» what the hell do you expect developers to do? put on the goddamn lazer jets and make you fly up the moon? and if you’re such a fan of the old series, you can always replay them.

  7. King Xa:

    I don’t get it we asked for better customization, we asked for the cars we wanted to see in the game and we got it but people are still complaining? Y’all are never satisfied with anything.

    • Philip Danzinger:

      If a game like this comes out in 6 months its not an early build. All they do now is optimize the performance. Also if AAA games are finished in summer they still gonna release it in Autumn since people are more tend to buy games in this time of the year.

    • Mouad Granderson:

      King Xa ikr every gaming community has this problem, someone can’t be satisfied

    • PROJECT E:

      King Xa Ikr like people are just too judgy now and days smh they never give anything a chance smmfh

    • Addy Y:

      King Xa it’s just need for Speed community in a nutshell. Most of the people are stuck in nostalgia and will never get what they want even if nfs delivers best they can.

  8. ρяøρzひ:

    DAMNNN I have never clicked so FAST! ? #NotificationSquad

  9. ProneFreak117:

    I was hoping to see a muscle customization for this Camaro but nope. i guess you had to make it look like a Civics best friend

  10. Chriss Gertsch:

    Game looks promising, but seriously the developers must not stop here. From what I’m seeing right now, it’s lacking a lot of customization. These guys need to be creative, and I know this is an early build. I’m just worried this will go the same path as the BRZ in NFS 2015. The customization for the BRZ was showcased at E3 yet at the release of the game, all the parts remained the same. So I’m just hoping they add more customization. Besides that the cars and the story look interesting. Please devs, don’t get lazy on this one.

    • Apple Slipper:

      At least Need For Speed Payback has way more customisation than in the Need For Speed Underground series. The kits in the Need For Speed Underground series have been the same for every car.

    • Caenir:

      the last nfs game i played was years ago, so i didn’t know that they took lots from the last one. and the unique part, after reading back over i realised that you didn’t bring that up, but others did in other videos so i thought i’d bring it up here

    • thsls:

      Yes, I have, in fact. Also I never said I wanted each part to be unique, just that I wanted a good number of parts. How can you know you need «a lot of people» and «a lot of time», even though that’s extremely vague? You don’t need it. In fact, this game was 70% complete before it was even started, a huge part of it was taken from the last NFS. If they’re gonna charge full AAA price for this game they might as well work on it as much as they would on making a complete game. This game is literally closer to a DLC than it is to a full game.

    • Caenir:

      «it’s not that hard» have you tried? if you want each part to be unique for each car….you’re gonna need a lot of people and a lot of time to create that many parts, which also work and look decent together.

    • thsls:

      December It was a rhetorical question, it’s not that hard.

  11. Dals Work:

    No blowers, side exhausts? I wanna make a beast, not a daily driver 🙁

  12. JGame87:

    They should add an option To remove the antenna of any car.

  13. White Washed:

    Looks good. They Better add a blower

  14. Luuk Lugtigheid:

    great man!

    lmao idk what to say cuz I wanna be first, so I’m rushing this
    (but seriously though, great work!)

  15. olof palme:

    I guess its time for me to say it

    Im Not Gay

  16. danny80jp:

    midnight club on psp has more customization options than this

  17. darcy grimm:

    It would be cool if a cobalt ss was in the game.

  18. DISTR1C7:

    People comparing MCLA and nfs but MCLA only had like 4 options per part…. yet you still bash this franchise for lack of stuff…. I do agree that all the cars should have a option of at least 5 per area…plus MCLA hand along was not to great but it’s an arcade…. you get used to things

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