Need for Speed Payback | BMW X6 M CUSTOMIZATION?!

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well… this is a little different
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комментария 74

  1. The Racing Monkey:

    I recently drove an X6 and had to parallel park it in a city…

    • Dapper Dan Fraser:

      It’s easy I drive an X5 and the parking assist makes it easy , when I drive something else I struggle

    • Ben Bravery:

      Hey BlackPanthaa, can u tell me the answers of the questions I’ll ask to you?

      Ok, let’s start.

      1. What is your favorite car?

      2. What date was it made?

      3. How does your car’s visuals look like?

      4. Does your car have modified parts?

      5. What name would you have for your car plate at the back (back plate) if u got one?

    • patrick renzel:


  2. 77777Carlo:

    They should add custom tire width

  3. AuslandBros:

    BMW= Black Manly Wagon

    Write more BMW meanings

  4. Jolly Rancher:

    The graphics man, looks real ?

    • Kevin Fortin:

      Crying potatoes eehhh not always just having a good looking game with some nice colors can get someone into so much for example there is a game about underwater survival called subanutica itd not very realistic looking but the graphics are just beautiful and so atmospheric and the sounds and ambience its just great yet it doesnt even look real so to be honest doesnt need to be realistic to be emersive same with this game real graphics might be better but it doesnt need that to be

    • Crying potatoes:

      Kevin Fortin
      You can’t really take Subnautica as an example because almost everything in this game is alien. Still, we don’t know it, Subnautica might have been more immersing if it would’ve been «more realistic in earth’s way».

    • Shaon14 Arafat:

      I dnt think so. Its same as 2015 just the paint is little bit shine

    • Crying potatoes:

      Don’t know about that, more realistic graphics are usually getting people more immersed…

    • Kevin Fortin:

      Shaon14 Arafat bruh not even get some motherfucking glasses nfs2015 wasnt this shiny and colorfull it was good looking but this good looking be real man

  5. Jay Calloway:

    BIMMA SIMMA!!!!!!!

  6. I. Shelby:

    Jaguar F Pace, Jeep Cherokee/Durango SRT, Audi Q7, Mercedes GLE63 and Range Rover Sport would be nice

  7. FmatGaming:

    Speedy black man in a god damn bimmer

  8. Racedriver43:

    Next Video: Need for Speed Payblack Cadillac Escalade Customization.

  9. Little Light:


  10. Holden Cross:

    Yeah we have 70+ cars

    50 of them are BMWS

  11. Chrom Fell:

    You REALLY don’t have to add «?!» at the end of that title, mate.

  12. kaspar:

    enough or the tuner and luxuries can we see something else? like maybe a classic Muscle or the trucks. or a JDM?

  13. BigBallZR5:

    Da speedy black man!

  14. Myles Burgess:

    ELLLLLLLLOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Theo 🙂

  15. Gameb0y231:

    Why did you spell customisation with a z, YOU’RE NOT BLOODY AMERICAN!!

  16. Roaster:

    Is this FOR Halloween ? Because ITS a monstruos car ? If u get the Joke like 🙂

  17. HYFR.:

    Do the new corvette after, please lol.

  18. Dragon's Den:


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