Need for Speed Payback BMW M4 Customization Gameplay

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Raw customization gameplay of the BMW M4 GTS for Need for Speed Payback; I decided to go for an aggressive build on this, might record an LB build at some point!

I'll be streaming NFS Gameplay on my Twitch!

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комментарий 81

  1. GTA Wise Guy:

    Camaro SS gameplay coming soon but I’ll be streaming tomorrow at 1.30pm PDT!


    cant wait to get my hands on this game! 🙂

  3. .chargez:

    Feeling like NFS 2015 with mods xD

  4. Lenn 4rt:

    Why are the big wings always carbon only?

  5. ReDeYe:

    I wonder where are the fucking BBS rims? They were my favourite back in Underground 2 and Most Wanted

  6. Jvy Pennant:

    Omg Robyn o.o stop

  7. BigBoyJ 1:

    How bout NEONS.. cuz that will bring back the underground touch.

  8. Pulsix:

    u made the car ugly

  9. Ruiang Li:

    I hope they have a VW UP.

    I know, I’m weird.

  10. Jason Cooke:

    You literally pick the ugliest rims to go on that car

  11. xSpt:

    the developers at EA didn’t take physics class

  12. darcy grimm:

    When gta v Benny’s cars have more customization *cries*

  13. JDavid_24 24:

    Man the nfs community is full of complaining little bitches damn I remember back in the day went we use to enjoy the fucking game.

  14. Crazy Krille:

    This is amazing!! Love it 😀 😀

  15. Joey Hudson:

    do the camaro next


    Why does he act like he don’t know what to choose. I hate people who do that

  17. Uzair Hussain:

    This guy does not know what a good looking car looks like

  18. Bullet Face:

    Next the Camaro SS please !
    I begged Theo to do it at the stream yesterday but he said he’ll be customize later..

  19. ///M:

    I hate these huge spoilers…

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