Need For Speed: Payback — Before You Buy

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Need For Speed Payback (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is the latest NFS title since the series' refocusing with the previous game in 2015. Does Payback right the wrongs? Let's talk.
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комментарий 91

  1. Darth Malgus:

    Wow! The thumbnails sure are getting creative!

  2. bongmistt:

    «You can fool some people sometime but you can’t fool all the people all the time» — Bob Marley singing about Electronic Arts

  3. Abbas Siddique:

    Microtransactions are killing the industry. They take the fun out of games

  4. Ancient Hawkk:

    They just need to add cops to the open world and it will be gold

  5. MrBeful:

    U got laid in your honeymoon ??

  6. Antoniopinto91:

    It just looks SO SLOW..

    Also, no freeroam cop chases.. wtf…

  7. R3LLYN1QQA 15:

    This coment goes for the ppl that say u2 mw carbon is what you want. underground 1 and 2, mw, and carbon had the same body kits and parts for everycar in payback there is real authentic cuztomization with real kits. And every car in payback has a different body kit to it. People who say they want u2, mw, and carbon are just living off of nostalgia. Cutscenes on racing games have always been cheesy corny and wack. Im not gonna lie the physics on those old games are nice but at the time like the early 2000s and in my opinion they havent aged very well. (And for the people that say it looks like horizon or the crew blah blah blah, need for speed had different specs in prostreet, so why cant ppl say that the crew copied prostreet instead. The crew has a similar perfomanc upgrading system but nobody complained. Yes nfs had to take some elements from horizon and the crew with offroading but it has a nfs flavor to it.) For the people sayimg that the map is empty, boring and lame, nfs u2 mw and carbons maps were also boring with no personality, dont get me wrong the maps were decent but it was empty aswell. Empty streets with no traffic and ppl and now that it has traffic ppl lighting where you can see your car in the night, people still complain. (Smfh) I fixed my ps2 about a month ago started playing the old nfs games and got bored in like 30 mins. Trust me yal niggas dont want that. Cause if it do happen ya nostalgia boys are gonna be hating on the game regardless. Sorry for the rant. But coming from a person like me that has many hours played probably over 100 days on each 1 of those games you DEADASS DONT WANT IT.

    • thunderchild1083:

      I want Most Wanted, even to this day it’s got the best handling, the learning curve is just right and the pursuits were amazing. The only thing I thought let it down was the customisation

    • javier acevedo:

      people read this

    • ElvenMan:

      R3LLYN1QQA 15 you dont want it doesnt mean others dont want it… same goes dont like those old games anymore but many people do. Dont try to force your opinion on others pls.

    • Pg TrAxX:

      I agree. I don’t get the complaints really. Grinding in a racing game? YES even Gran Turismo has insane stupid grinding for cash. It’s NOT p2w like some say. You can just play like the old games and grind a bit (even less compared to GT).
      The cutscenes are basically like Underground 2 but instead of photo/comic slides it’s cgi. And «it’s the same thing over and over again»? B please…. What do people expect? It’s always gonna be the same like any sports game. At least you have different maps, cars and decent customization. More space for cars is a plus too!

  8. 氷Retro Riku火:

    Short answer: It’s a good car game for people who AREN’T looking for an NFS game, but just a generic racing game.

    • 氷Retro Riku火:

      Larry coldcut The problem is, it doesn’t have an NFS feel to it. Especially with the burnout style totalling of other cars. The way online works now, it’s just another version of burnout. While the way you edit and obtain cars is certainly..unique, it’s nothing like the previous core games. Either way, the car customization is really good, but when I had the chance to actually give this game a try, it feels nothing like an nfs game.

    • Larry coldcut:

      +氷Retro Riku火
      I can see how you can say that it doesn’t having an NFS feel, now after take a «step back». I also haven’t tried online, so I wouldn’t know anything to counter your point on that.

    • 氷Retro Riku火:

      Crying potatoes Lol ok….some people also thought Super Smash Bros. Brawl felt like Melee too.

    • Larry coldcut:

      As a sort of NFS fan, I have mixed feelings about your statement of «It’s a good car game for people who AREN’T looking for a NFS game». On one hand, I can see where your coming, because this definitely doesn’t seem and somewhat feel like a NFS game, but at the same time, I disagree with you because, to me, it still have the NFS feel to it. What I completely disagree with you is your notion of «…but just a generic racing game.» I wouldn’t say that this is generic. Sure, it has basic tropes that are associated with generic racing games, but I isn’t 100% generic. The speed cards are, interesting, to say the least. It kinda allows the player to sorta experiment with all the different brands and boosts, although picking a 9 rating speedcard from one company might be more helpful than getting another card with a lower number that will give you a bonus due to the system of getting 3 cards of a brand into your car giving you 2 boosts.

      I agree with you, but at the same time I don’t.

    • Pg TrAxX:

      Lol, no it’s not generic. Generic race game is like Gran Turismo. NFS has customization which is important to the franchise and guess what? It has great customization (at least better then before).
      It’s not generic because it is open world in a city. Not the same generic real race tracks like simulator games. It’s a custom made map with custom tracks which you drive with your custom made cars. Not generic to me.

  9. czKIRA:

    Am I the only one who wants new Burnout game?

  10. The Fat Cow:

    Ay Jake congrats on the marriage bro!

  11. Sai Gopal:

    no neons under my car -NO THANK YOU

  12. Eric Cassidy:

    It’s funny… all the superior technology available, and grubby business practices just won’t let them outdo NFSU

  13. J M:

    All the new AAA games of November are trash, carbon copies of their former selves. Payback, CoD WWII, Shadow of War, Battlefront 2.
    Yeah, I’ll stick to their predecessors for a while longer.

  14. Sharingan Kool x:

    Gamestop offered me 5 bucks for this game unopened … They had me at 5 ?

  15. ElvenMan:

    Love the Forza Horizon 3 copy-paste UI in NFS Payback!

  16. DeathStalker:


  17. Shantanu Manerikar:

    I think hot pursuit 2010 was the last good NFS.

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