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possibly one of my favourite new additions…
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IGROVIDOS.RU – Видео обзоры и статьи о лучших онлайн, одиночных, мобильных и флеш играх. У нас вы сможете найти все самое интересное и самое полезное.  Видео обзоры от лучших блогеров,  статьи на разные темы, от прохождения, до описания  игр.

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комментариев 68

  1. SaggyHUGGIES123:

    we are so close to release

  2. Blacksmith army:

    You should do speedy Blackman on hood

  3. Alex Lightshade:

    I get home and I’m greeted with this.

    Theo my G ily.

  4. [Gmag]:

    It looks fucking sexy with that body kit

    *regrets selling PS4*

  5. E_M_E_T:

    you realize you can just stretch the stripe in one dimension instead of duplicating it, right?

  6. ElectroNights:


  7. Cam The SpeedHunter:

    What if we had VeilSide kits in NFS???

  8. Finn Ross:

    What’s the difference between pantha and a Chinese restaurant? Pantha has more rice

  9. JmKg:


  10. Amadeus Charlez:

    What was sound system? At 2:08

  11. TEEMODO:

    my parents are the kind that have enough money to get it but they wait till christmas ;-;

  12. xTobeh:

    Dude the radio in the background of the shop is so sick

    • chris Rodriguez:

      xTobeh reminds me of midnight club 4 in the garage….. i Miss midnight club started my racing life

    • Thatmexicanguy:

      Fenn Leppard he’s also been in NFS undercover and Sleeping dogs. Those are the only other games I know he was in

    • Fenn Leppard:

      I love bonobo, Nice to see him getting some recognition in big games

    • xTobeh:

      Thatmexicanguy Whoaaa bigups dude!

    • xTobeh:

      chris Rodriguez

      Midnight Club pretty much started a lot of people’s online racing careers. For me personally it was NFS: Hot Persuit 2 on the ps2 that really set it all off for myself.

      I just hope Fortune Valley will be the motorsport paradise everyone has been hoping it’d be, and if that’s the case I’d like to see all of you on the roads sometime.

  13. FOXXX KingZooHack:

    For the next customization gameplay, please do the Evo 9 M8! That would be nice

  14. Ωmega:

    Nfs paycheck lol

  15. Skillerkiller HD:

    I want too

  16. Game God:

    speedy black man customization

  17. Hunters Last Nightmare:

    Hey I love your channel

  18. Daniel Hernandez:

    I hereby dub this vehicular menace… The Steel Panther, Scourge of the Nurburgring!

  19. OliBoli:


    — letter in «Audi» is A

  20. E_M_E_T:

    the difference between theo and DJ Khaled is that theo is a *speedy* black man

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