Need for Speed: Payback — 8 Minutes of NEW Gameplay Demo | E3 2017 (1080p)

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Need for Speed: Payback — 8 Minutes of NEW Gameplay Demo | E3 2017 (1080p)
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комментариев 55

  1. 49Jacksonlrd:

    Basically the gameplay trailer, but live and in the hands of someone who’s not good enough to be showing the game off.

  2. 007 007:

    NFS, its NOT the graphics, ITS THE FREAKIN PHYSICS THAT SUCK !!!!

  3. James Slocombe:

    Keep saying »Like an action movie…» and »Action movie moment!!» but nobody wants to play Fast and furious. We want a STREET racing game, just like yall’ did with the PS2 games

  4. Kirithor:

    That truck looks like a fucking meme flying through those corners lmfao


    Need for speed end on Most wanted.

  6. Run N Gun Gaming:

    l can’t believe my eyes….. a RTR mustang (with nitrus ) is struggling to keep up with a loaded semi truck.

  7. EnigMatiC:

    S o NFS has turned into the new Burnout lol GG

  8. Mr.Chang Wang:

    Asphalt 8 with high graphics

  9. narendra aji pamasa:

    i play this game on ps2 called burnout

  10. Frederick Neill:

    Still wish the physics were more realistic and not «heroic»

    • John Allen:

      There is one thing the physics can do, which made normal cars tanks.

    • Hasan Özuğurlu:

      +Frederick Neill Exactly. MW and UG games gave you actual control over the cars. They didn’t do anything for you nor produced any arbitrary effects like the Criterion understeer. The cars felt natural. The player drifted the car and if there was understeer it was the player’s fault of either going too deep or just setting up the car that way. The cars felt logical and as arcade representatives of their real world counterparts rather than a complete recreation. I also agree that an open world full on racing sim would be pretty sweet.

    • Frederick Neill:

      Hasan Özuğurlu Yeah at least in my opinion underground 2 and most wanted you had control over how the car handled. In nfs 2015 its pretty much either you drift so you can take right corners or if you want grip, all the car does is under steer into a wall. If Rfactor had an open world aspect I think that would be really cool but that game does it right as well

    • Hasan Özuğurlu:

      +Frederick Neill A bit perhaps but for some reason people also seem to take the «a bit more realistic feeling»(which is very true about Underground and Most Wanted as someone who actually paid attention would notice easily) as «it should be rFactor».

  11. Riperino:

    I hope this isn’t all that the story has to offer. I don’t want a F&F storyline, I want some progression. I want a street racing storyline, where you’re the newbie and work your way up to the best.

  12. Jentl Suy:

    WTF WAS THAT AT 0:47, the japanese guy is giggling for no reason, and the other guy is like ‘wtf’?LMAO

  13. Le Wizard:

    I want a need for speed with grand turismo physics & underground 2 vibe.

    • cosmic skyzer:

      So when everyone wants that kind of game from nfs why do they always release this shitty nfs games why not listen to the fans instead making bad nfs game every year they should take their time and make a open world nfs with great driving mechanics or underground 3 but no wasted 1-2 yrs again whats up with ea

    • Vaidinys987:

      Shift physics would be enough and unbelievably its one of nfs title (best for me)

  14. Humps Dumps:

    Is that mustang made out of titanium? Barely even a scratch after all those collisions

  15. Kirithor:

    3:37 «One thing I think we should talk about is how this game feels»
    Try unrealistic

  16. Tyrique James:

    said he has played it a few times. then gets the controller and starts the god awful driving

  17. Donny Spofford:

    I really hope in Need For Speed Payback that they do away with those annoying AI cars that drive around the map constantly. I can’t tell you how many races and drift events in Need For Speed 2015 that they’ve crashed head on into me at almost every corner of every event. I would also like to see them fix where my car will steer itself in random directions as if it’s still being controlled half way through a race by the AI they use for the intro of the race.

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