Need for Speed Payback 350Z Customization Gameplay

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Raw Need for Speed Payback customization gameplay of the Nissan 350Z!

I'll be streaming NFS Gameplay on my Twitch!

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комментария 83

  1. GTA Wise Guy:

    Sorry for the late upload guys! Many problems while at EA play preventing me from uploading and doing commentary, I’m still yet to play the game. Thoughts on gameplay and everything will come in a video when I’m home!


    Decals on diffuser? 😮

  3. Brais:

    «we made a focus on customization» 3 front bumpers, 2 side skirts, 3 rear bumpers

    • B737FLY:

      Gandalf the Gray in Pink they have the shitty ones. Except for rocket bunny no one uses the other ones. Where is the Nismo V2? By far the best looking and popular bodykit out there for the 350

    • B737FLY:

      They better add more options. The most popular bumpers/hoods are nowhere to be seen. And I am playing the actual game as of 2 hours ago. Hoping more parts can be unlocked?

    • Grey God:

      Justin Held the only one implying anything is you. Just because they’re using actual licensed parts doesn’t mean they’re going to use every part that exists for every car in the game. That is a ridiculous expectation from any game dev, let alone a small team like Ghost. I say they’re doing great considering how small they are. They made a perfect balance between quality, quantity and variety.

    • Henrick Ontiveros:

      Amadeus_skates in all the betas and demos I have played none of them were significantly different from the game. These things are made only just to get you hyped

  4. Carlos Benumea:

    Lowkey pissed off with all the haters in the comments. I wanna get hyped but all I see is so much negativity.

  5. blackmoonx3599:

    it still looks like 2015 customization..just with more rims

    • kagura yomi:

      bro, it looks more realistic than 2015.

    • nochu:

      The fact they took out Rays/Volks was something I also noticed. However, maybe the wheels are tied to different classes of cars like the Camaro that seems to be the only car in the garage that has WELD Racing. Kind of a missed opportunity since I used some the of wheels from Rays.

    • Zenryoku:

      Tuskegee Ace Though I agree with your last statement as there’s plenty of other brands missing that are EVEN PUT IN AS DECALS IN THE WRAP EDITOR, GHOST…it could be a lot worse.

      I for one want VeilSide, Top Secret, and ABFlug. Also, they have Enkei as I mentioned before as a decal in the wrap editor, how could they miss RPF1s, one of the most versatile wheels in motorsport?

      I’ll just give them the benefit of the doubt that they’ll deliver. At this point, there’s nothing good that offers gritty street racing on the PS4 (for me). If Midnight Club were still around, things would be different.

  6. llSuB ZeRoll:

    is this real?
    looks like nfs 2015

  7. FrostiFreeze:

    Need For Speed: Payback — NFS 2015 DLC expansion..

  8. Lenn 4rt:

    Most customization options… Instead of picking your own headlight-tint-color via the color-tool from the wrap editor you need to choos between a collection of colors. Ghost games nows how to fake some customisation options.

  9. Tedz™:

    Already looking better than 2015’s customization!

  10. Basil Almasri:

    The graphics are insane though!! good thing we are now able to actually lower cars, i mean this thing is dropped! one thing i really wanted to see is, the ability to pivot the camera around the car to see if the thing i’m modifying, suits the car or not.

  11. Joe Venema:


  12. Inweezy:

    I hope the drifting is better in this game

    • Dog:

      nfs’s drifting is just going down hill, it doesnt feel realistic at all and its meant so everyone can «drift» real drift games are forza, dirt and other. need for speed’s drifting cant compare to them.

    • Keyano McMichael:

      Doctor Z NFS 15 drifting was just fine. I could easily pull drifts across a entire turn and easily chain them together. People who don’t know anything about tuning cars in a video game and/or in real life don’t need to quit their day jobs.

    • Doctor Z:

      I loved ridge racers handling. But nfs 2015 was just horrible.

  13. Burno:

    Autosculpt would be a nice feature to bring back…

  14. NistingurA:

    It’s just a re-skinned 2015 bruh.. Also «focus on customization» is hideous. 2-3 options.. Seriously?? My hype just got busted.. Sry Ghost games but you died for me

    • michael cooper:

      Shirayone you make a good point there.

    • Shirayone:

      michael cooper it’s fine if that’s what you want, but *most* people want to know what they get from their 60$ purchase.

       It’s not about personal preferences, this is marketing so what you advertised should be what the final product will/can be (though that’s REALLY rare, I’m looking at you Ubisoft).

       I do understand that it’s just a tease but from what they showed so far, it’s not great. Just like what they showed for NFS2015.

    • michael cooper:

      Shirayone for me personally I’d rather not see everything, I like to look at games like this as a teaser or something like that. Again I’m just speaking for myself. I do understand what your talking about though which Is why I said hopefully there’s a lot more then this and not like 2015.

    • pablo rodriquez:

      This is a demo9

    • pablo rodriquez:

      Why wpuld they add like 20 pieces… there are always like 3 or 4 you will like and the rest you dont like so its way to much

  15. Pandatuner 34:

    No volk/rays rims in game???

  16. João Pedro Andrade:

    Need For Speed 2015 pt.2

  17. BigsGaming:

    im really wondering why they are still using «drift to turn» physics

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