Need for Speed Payback 2018 BMW M5 Racing Gameplay

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Raw racing gameplay of the 2018 BMW M5 in Need for Speed Payback from Gamescom! Taking 3 runs, trying out a mix of drift and grip gameplay. More gameplay coming soon!

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комментариев 66

  1. JONY H.R:

    Wow !! Very Nice bmw !! Like Friend 🙂

  2. GTA Wise Guy:

    You guys liked the raw footage last time so here it is with some racing gameplay of the new M5. I’m currently at Gamescom so I’m going to cover as much as possible and give a full breakdown of the gameplay I’ve captured when I’m home!

  3. JPMaster 02:

    In the tunnel ive seen a diablo

  4. Muhluri Nkuna:

    I knew subscribing to you would be useful at some point.

    EDIT: Oh and BTW I love the rest of your content.

  5. Lowered Lifestyle:

    So, hows the steering? Like the previous nfs? I dont like the stiff steering from that game. Does Payback steer more like gta? And not as stiff as nfs 2015?

  6. Davide Leonardi:

    Looks like asphalt for console

  7. Christian V:

    Why did they decide it was a good idea to increase the FOV that much whenever you boost, it makes my head hurt.

  8. SpectreArtz:

    Man, if they added a widebody Nissan GT-R that’d be awesome.

  9. Roman Games:

    does anyone know when nfs payback deluxe edition will be available for pre order on Amazon? (not the digital code)

  10. YEAHMAP:

    Is it just me or is the sky wiggeling false when hitting the boost? 🙂 tho i cant wait to play the game myself!

  11. Gabriel Maldonado:

    All I see is NFS Rivals with a dash of NFS15 and the hud Forza horizon 3

  12. CeltHDfifa:

    I hate NOS in racing games, it just irks me. Especially the way it works in this game.

  13. Street Cars AUT:

    looks like a fucking smartphone game and nothing other..

  14. Yaseen Hayder:

    Am I the only one that hates BMW????

  15. X Blocky:

    LoL Ai Named GEARBOX

  16. shafiee007:

    There goes the physics system. Absolutely pathetic.

    Why cannot we have a more balanced handling system that we used to have back in UG series or MW? For godsake, its not Burnout.

  17. dcc24dc coches y demás movidas:

    The history will definetly be awesome, the handling seems like have been really improved, police.. oh my fucking police hahaha, now the only think i want to know about is, what we can do after we finish all history missions and got all cars max tuned? Is there going to be good online modes, good races, some places where ppl can meet for drifting or racing around?

    • Malachi Moellman:

      DaviiD CC Well i know there is going to be a story dlc because one of the pre-orders says it comes with story dlc so theres that,Hopefully online has good races and drifting events.

    • dcc24dc coches y demás movidas:

      I mean i dont care about online because offline mode like undergrounds, most wanted ( 2005 ) and carbon but it will be really nice good online modes in which you can win money and mods for your cars after you complete the history mode

  18. Abdulwahab Mohammed:

    Need for Speed GARBAGEBACK ??

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