Need for Speed Payback — 2018 BMW M5 Announcement

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комментариев 37

  1. zCrime:

    Wie heisst dass Lied

  2. Luigi Raiano:

    Cobra 11 style

  3. Nikkb:

    Of course as a BMW driver you have to break road rules and run from the police

  4. Quinty_MacQuinty:

    WOW, that paint and sound

  5. QuattroRMT:

    I can’t see Need for Speed here…..

  6. udonhavdehafovit:

    1:46 classic germans alarm for cobra eleven

  7. Mohammed Rafi:

    I expected gameplay………not bootleg top gear.

  8. FNDG1:

    Of course they kill the passat and not the 3 series

  9. TheRealMahalo27:

    this was cancer.

  10. Bekim Afrimi:

    M5 ??????

  11. kantariaachiko:


  12. FalconGamer 58:

    They seem to hate Volkswagen police car eh?

  13. Стефан Василев:

    i want to know why they put bmw m3 e46 but the ///m5 e39 missing why? the sound of it is perfect and they put american rubbish cars. but e39 m5 only in 2002 hot pursuit why? This car is so brutal. have so much old cars and this one missing. not good

  14. mahdi alkrenawi:

    Amazing car

  15. Rocky Cruz:

    BMW driver in action….

  16. Ismail .S:

    alarm für 11 style sehr gemacht

  17. SEMiN:

    not a bmw fan,but i think i’m in love!

  18. Dariusz Dach:

    Looks better than Need for Speed Payback trailer ??

  19. Стиг:

    that’s nuts) and it’s really fun , when BMW 320d chases BMW m5???

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