Need for Speed Payback (2017) | BMW M5, AUDI, DLC, PC DETAILS, POLICE & MORE

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We missed out quite a LOT of information such as the BMW M5 BEING ANNOUNCED WITH THE GAME?? Audi returning, DLC talks, PC launch details and so much more! Missed details for days!
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комментариев 97

  1. GTA Wise Guy:

    Mmmmm wide Audi plz

  2. Need for Speed:

    Chilling with your Adele CD mate, she probably won’t be on the soundtrack sorry.

  3. Miramar:

    If they fudge this game up I will get my payback.

  4. Mount-Zion 4276:

    Theo: We can assume you are going to be 3 characters!!

    Me: oh, ok, hello grand theft auto 6???

  5. MiG15:

    BMW M5 G30 Finally M5 in NFS!! M///

    • MiG15:

      Everyone knew that this car will be announced soon no secrets and no myths on that. I was waiting like 3 years to see it on the move.
      So buy saying »finally», meaning they did it and now you can already order it.

    • Kenzio DG:

      MiG15 but the use of the word «finally» got me confused because the car has just been revealed, and they took the chance to get the car in a game right away.

    • Apple Slipper:

      He’s talking about the new 2018 BMW M5 F90, which a few hours after the game was revealed, BMW revealed the BMW M5 F90.

    • EfrainQuezada:

      MiG15 the m5 was in HP2 from back in 2002.

  6. The. Gaming .Carrot:

    NFS PAYBACK isn’t just a mix of Crew and FH3 but adding three playable characters it’s a mix of GTA V as well?

  7. EL1T3Gamers HD:

    Who else wants a lot of Germans
    BMW M3 (2017)
    E63 (2017)
    Audi Rs7 (2016)
    Add your cars
    Like if you agree for more cars

  8. BTS DNA:

    Theo where’s MostWanted

  9. jamie moore:

    the 350z looks lower in the garage screenshot than the drifting and group scene? the tyres look more tucked and the wheels look slightly cambered — air ride?

  10. Toro:


  11. Arnav Sinha:

    Pants is going to milk out 10 videos out of one trailer

  12. Adrian Johnson:

    so is blackpanthaa in a old prison or something

  13. Maks Modic:

    the Audi r8 is in need for speed rivals

  14. Saif OS:

    I dont know if you noticed this, but in the trailer when the drag mustang & fairlady 240z shows up, You can see a roll cage inside the car!! Maybe you can customize the interior, And maybe the’ve added cockpit view!!!

    • Kenzio DG:

      Zain Mohammed I love cockpit view a lot, but EA never does it in their game, they actually tried it in nfs 2015, but canceled it because they decided to not finish it… I just love cockpit view because it just has a good realism in the game, and I also love seeing the character shift gears for some reason.

      So I guess it’s right to worry that they would be wasting some time to make an undetailed view. Hope they do it, and they do it right.

    • Zain Mohammed:

      LNS Guitar i won’t mind them doing it but it must be done right. I don’t want broken or a lot of details missing from it. I like cockpit view alot but doing it in NFS is meh

    • LNS Guitar:

      Zain Mohammed Speak for yourself… It’s clearly popular.

  15. Moptica Tv:

    Just no boat physics…. PLEASE

  16. Anthony Rodriguez:

    Guys. Imagine a bald Theo.

  17. ThatDudeNamedBloo 188:

    Will we have wrap sharing?

  18. Nie Wazne:

    6:49 NFSUG2 hadn’t cops and it was the best racing game in world history.

  19. Angel5541:

    Liberty Walk Audi R8

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