NEED FOR SPEED: Payback — 1st 20 Minutes of Gameplay | EA Access (1080p)

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NEED FOR SPEED: Payback — 1st 20 Minutes of Gameplay | EA Access (1080p)
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комментариев 68

  1. Gamer Dude:

    seriously half-life 2 is a 2004 game and is having better facial expressions hell even gta 4 beats this.

  2. 6ix:

    Is this the android version?

  3. ahvike124:

    This thing was painful to watch.

  4. Elias Puolakka:

    Asphalt 9 looks nice…

  5. Muhammed Zariff:

    Dude, hit the breaks man ! u r hitting the wall pretty often !

  6. Ford Guy:

    I feel like they copy and pasted a fast and furious movie and put it into a nfs game, i’ll be skipping this game.

    • 氷Retro Riku火:

      Soggy Doritios Whether a game is good or not is subjective. I understand and can respect that you will like this game even though I wont, but the thing is components of gameplay isn’t subjective. This doesn’t really take anything gameplay wise from the game you mentioned except cars itself, which is shared between every nfs game that will ever exist. Maybe I’m being a bit too harsh, but I feel like if NFS want’s to make games like The Run, Payback, and other non-NFS like games they should start a spinoff mini series. Maybe it could still have «NFS» in the name, but have an extra sub-title to let you know it’s part of their spinoff. But hey, it’s just me.

    • Soggy Doritios:

      氷Retro Riku火 your so fixated on your own entitled opinion tht you can’t and don’t want to understand what I’m saying. Idc about your opinion and vise Versa I don’t expect you to care but I’m buying this game because it will be good just like every other need for speed/ everything your saying will be shoved down your throat Bc once you hear good things about it you will know I was right and you will be playing(if your a fan of the franchise). P.s not saying all there games have been good lately but this is one imma keep my eye on

    • 氷Retro Riku火:

      Soggy Doritios Then at that point it’s not a cross in any way or form of those games. It’s its own nfs, unique in it’s own way, and garbage.

    • Soggy Doritios:

      氷Retro Riku火 never mixed them gameplay wise or story just key components, just don’t reply no more lmao

    • 氷Retro Riku火:

      Soggy Doritos Multiplayer on the run was the best in the series? Ahaha funny. Also, coal and gold dont mix. If you mix something awful and valuable, you just get something even more awful. Dont mix The Run and underground.

  7. Bulljoker:

    18:38 i don’t want realism.. but this is bullshit

  8. Coman Chéro:

    Cars in this game is tank no-one can stand by them lol

  9. Islam boudjella:

    you need to learn how to drive *__* :3

  10. Shivam Gupta:

    I really don’t like the fact that this game forces you to use nitrous every two seconds.

  11. GT Rulz:

    3:12 how forget when Liu Kang was mechanic.. good times

  12. Kieran Rice:

    That looks bloody terrible. GIVE US NFS UNDERGROUND

  13. Amouni Alin:

    This is not really what I expected…

  14. Lukáš Bartošek:


    • Rafael Gonçalves:

      Lukáš Bartošek you are right

    • 氷Retro Riku火:

      Mr Tamagoman Oh it’s you again. The guy who think’s making garbage is necessary to be able to recognize garbage.

    • Mr Tamagoman:

      Take your computer and Go Make your own game

    • Lukáš Bartošek:

      Overall jumping in this game looks dull. Why do we have to jump offroad jumps in Need for Speed? There are dozen games which are doing it better already.
      That intro is like from the latest FF movies, which is something you would rather avoid.
      5:57 jump with reset?
      Reggera with top speed of 170mph?
      10:05 what for???
      18:38 invincibility again!

      Best arcade physics in NFS was in Hot Pursuit (2010) and if Rivals (2013) has not 30fps cap it would be also in the spotlight.

    • Kirbyex7:

      Lukáš Bartošek don’t play it then.

  15. Lorenzo Northern:

    The graphics are good. That’s all

  16. Pie Ashe:

    This video just saved me $60, thank you

  17. NorteK:

    NFS Underground 1,2 and NFS Most Wanted. . best NFS of all times 🙂

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