Need for Speed Payback 1000hp GTR Build Customization and Gameplay

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Customizing 1000hp Nissan R35 GTR build in Need for Speed Payback. Online racing gameplay with how to upgrade the GTR quickly to push over 1200hp.


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  1. cs5266:

    hi @GTA Wise Guy. how do you recomend to make money the fastest? noticed you have over 3 mill

  2. MoozeX:

    Nissan r32 drag build

  3. Matt Shmatt 1:

    It’s «Imagine all the people living in peace.» Not living their lives in peace

  4. Jason NOT Bourne:

    EA needs to have sponsors on those exhausts.

  5. SRRogue:

    Loving the upload rate, hopefully it stays!

  6. χλωρινη Clinex:

    Best way to get money?

  7. jdm noob:

    Im late but i’ve been looking forward to this video

  8. Boosted Media:

    anyone know where to get the RX-7? It’s in the game but not in the dealers.

  9. Eray Demirtas:

    GT-R=LOVE <3

  10. Jay Milligan:

    Is this game capped at 30fps like that last NFS? PC of course.

    • Masaru Enatsu:

      Dj Roth no way that its locked on 30fps on console i would feel it, it has to be 60

    • Jay Milligan:

      Its probably 60 on ps4 and 30 on xbox one. Maybe 60 on One X if it’s a thing.

    • enigmaPL:

      Th only time it’ll lock your game to 30fps on PC is when you broadcast on Origin. You are limited in the resolutions and it locks the stream to 30fps… Worst of all, Seems to lock your game at 30fps WHEN broadcasting…. So it makes the feature kind of pointless.

    • TheTyisAwesome:

      No neither game is capped… Side note for 2015 thats why we had to wait an extra 4 months for the game

  11. KurdRipper:

    EA have ruined NFS franchise.
    Don’t waste your money and support EA. Micro-transection and Loot cards are destroying gaming industry.

    *No free roam*
    *Single player sucks*
    *Online sucks*

  12. MiguelFTW -:

    Your Evo next??

  13. LP-RIPPER24TV:

    Love this game

  14. latuba247:

    Why not take advantage of the varying customization and change things up a bit? It’s always the fn Lb Lb there. Honestly show something less popular or something new

  15. Woody Cash:

    Hi ! I am a beat maker and i need your help to start my channel ! So if you want, come to my channel listen to some of my beats, and if you enjoy it, why not subscribe ! Thanks ! ?

  16. Daniel ひ:

    Regret buying it ?


    beautiful man..

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