Mini Militia v4.0.36: Doodle Army 2 Hacked with Toggle MOD [No Root] {Everything is Unlimited} 2018


 Скачать Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia + Мод на бессмертие:

        СКАЧАТЬ Doodle Army 2 + Мод !!!





 Скачать Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia + Мод на все оружие и патроны:

        Скачать игру + мод ТУТ !!!





Скачать Оригинальную версию Doodle Army2 Mini Militia:

        Скачать игру ТУТ !!!




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Mini Militia v4.0.36: Doodle Army 2 — Here we will give you the best of the best of all mods for the latest version of Mini militia which is available on the whole over an internet. Even it can be used for root level users as well as non-root users of Android. Isn't sounds good, yep! Coming to the core part of the article. The app called toggle mod for Mini militia-doodle army 2 which is developed by Shihabudheen Pk. Previously it was only for root level users, but now it is available for no-root users too.
update-New guns added
Features of Toggle MOD:
# Fly through walls [now you can fly through walls, and hide inside the walls.So no one can hit you or bomb you or shoot you, but you can able to do that.]
# No one can see you [by enabling this option, ROBOTS in solo play mode cannot watch your activities.]
# Bullets per shot [upto 9 bullets in a single shot]
# Respawning time [you can adjust respawning time up to 0-7 seconds]
# Dual wield [you can take any weapon as a dual weapon, like rocket launcher with the same one or double barrel or any other]
# Pro Pack Weapons [unlocks all weapons and skins]
# No Reload [zero waiting for time for each and weapon]
# Unlimited Ammo or Bullets
# Unlimited Health
# Unlimited Flying Power
# Gravity [you will float on air if you enable this option]
# Invisible to all (RT4U SPECIAL) — Be a GOD in-game. No one can see you, but you could see others and fool around. For your surprise, you can still shoot or bomb them, but they can't make damage to you. Works in every mode such as single-player mode, LAN, QuickPlay, Custom ROOM, etc. Enjoy 🙂
# No kill counters — No matter how many times your enemy kills you, they won't earn a single point nor you loose one. Works in every gameplay modes.
#Radar Everywhere (v14) — This is one of the most requested and wanted a feature in this game. By enabling this, you could see the red markers everywhere, which means you can know the location of your enemies even if you aren't nearby them. Cool right? 😉
# Custom Skill (v14) — As I am getting a lot of complaints about the skill level jumping up to 99 after playing a single match, which makes them abandoned from custom rooms. So here we go, just set the skill level you want and let it stay there, no matter how long and how many times you play.
# Fake your device Or Custom Platform (v14) — Now you can pretend to play from the different device even though you don't own that. For example, you could pretend to play from an IOS device while originally playing from an Android device. Bonus feature.
Requirements For above Video
For MMSuperPatcher (Recommended) (v4.0.36)

For ToggleMod
1. Mini Militia Play store APk:-
2. Latest Mini Militia hacked Mod v4.0.36: DoodleArmy2 — Download —

Latest Mini Militia Mod (Live Option)you can select mods while playing:

*New Mini Militia MOD from Kuldip Patel(NO Stuck In between Game):

How to Install Both Mini Militia MOD and Mini Militia Original in the same Device:-

Old Toggle Mod:-
For Mini Militia v3.0.87 from here:-

Latest Mini Militia hacked Mod v3.0.136: DoodleArmy2 — Download —

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  1. kadam jai kishore patel:

    Bro. I have downloaded toggle mod9.0 for mini Miltia 2.2.86 Still showing parse me..if ur hack really works..

  2. Nitish Porwal:

    bro thnx u made my day thanks alot.

  3. Slinger Da2:

    i used it….but sometime…the gun’s range to shoot become too short!!?


    hello put battle points & increase boost speed &we can fly fast

  5. Bharat Negi:

    mere may double gun kiya to ek hi gun sey shoot hota hai

  6. Robby Willoughby:

    says I need to update but my mini militia is up to date


    its stop working

  8. Saif Khan:

    hey bro can you send direct link of toggle mode it shows there is problem parsing the Package….

  9. all information:

    iam open the toggle mod mini militia write upgrade

  10. sursh kumar soni:

    bro plz tell me how to hack it plz I can’t download that mod

    • Droid Guy:

      sursh kumar soni sorry bro we can’t provide download links due to some limitations from developer. You can checkout our latest video that will help you more than this mod

  11. DareDevil Don'tyoudare:

    it crash when you use it

  12. Mukesh Solanki:

    this is showing error

  13. dainish kartikeya:

    link me mini militia 2.2.6 nihai

  14. ExsertCat:

    update the toggle mod for the game pls

  15. Pawan Verma:

    gzb ist really work.,,,,thnx bro

  16. Salman Khan:

    madarchhod ye root huwe mobile m chalta h randi ki olaad faltu m time braad karta h

  17. rahul'z studio:

    Nice job working on galaxy j7


    it works nice.
    Thanks for giving ideas

  19. lushifer aavash:

    i have download ur app but it says update and when i click on update it goes to playstore and there is no update option please say what shoud i do

  20. Daily Need Store:


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