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A big update from MiniClip for Mini Militia.
What's New
-Smart Zoom
-Max Zoom
-New Layout
-Google+ has been removed and much more.
*Smart zoom set the best possible zoom according to guns and situations where Max zoom set the max zoom of the guns in advance*
Note:- We can't provide beta download access because of copyright law.
The channels will be shut down if they provide the beta link to their viewers.

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    Can I get more than 250 dislikes?
    Edit: Thanks for 300 dislikes 😍

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    v5 nahi v4.1.0 isme bhi kaat diya

  4. Magneto Da2:

    Bc bekar hai ye wala bc pro pack nhi de rha hai

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    Are mai isliye dar gaya ki fir se video banani padegi v5 aaa gaya phir dekha dhyan se😂

    • Hacker Aadil:

      Haan… ys gaming meine bhi issiliye dekha… title pe aisa lekhna nahi chahe tha…. meine bas subscribe kiya hai. . Mein kinganbru aur militian ka video jyada nahi dekhta… gameplay mein jyada maza nahi hai..jitni hack video pe maza aata hai

    • Multiplayer Gameplays:

      LoL 4.1 sab ne daal dia toh mujhe clickbait krna pda 🙂

  6. Shivang yt:

    I wanna join your clan (SPD)

  7. Hk DA2 live:

    But bro how we can update it how🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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    Bhai tera new logo kuch jacha nehin purana Bala mast tha bhai change logo please it’s a request of your big fan

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    Sagar Thakur bhai kya hall chal

  10. Vengeance Da2:

    Wtf this update looks so bad omg miniclip has ruined Da2

  11. Devil bhai:

    I kniw this song

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    Great Edited bro
    I like it can you chack my channel✌

  13. Tech Group:

    No I think New Gun Is Missing

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    Bro u r the first upload of this game bro love u bro nice
    Big fan of u bro 😘😊 thanks bro

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    King anbru is better than u -.-

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    This is fake? If it’s fake it shows that you are best editor 😘😍

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    4:05 aao suaro……lol😂😂😂

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    Chutia update ever in da2 history..

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    late for ios users 😤😤😤

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