Mini Militia — Unlimited Health, Flying power, etc for Android — WORKS ON MULTIPLAYER


 Скачать Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia + Мод на бессмертие:

        СКАЧАТЬ Doodle Army 2 + Мод !!!





 Скачать Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia + Мод на все оружие и патроны:

        Скачать игру + мод ТУТ !!!





Скачать Оригинальную версию Doodle Army2 Mini Militia:

        Скачать игру ТУТ !!!




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The above video is freaking old, recorded with the first version of the toggle app, so don't under estimate by seeing the video. Most problems seen in the video were already fixed in the latest releases.

Hey Militians,

Here's on another awesome update for Toggle Mod for Mini Militia with some bug fixes and a mind blowing feature named "Amazing Invincibility" — "No damages in sitting/crouch position"

Already a Toggle Mod COMBO user? Just open your app, you'll be notified with an update link.

If else, you could get the latest update by visiting the below link.

Happy gaming 😉


UPDATED — Toggle Mod v6.5 for Mini Militia v2.2.52.

Enjoy 🙂

Hey, I've released a new update, versioned 28.0 with support to Mini Militia v3.0.87.
Already a Toggle Mod COMBO user?

Then just open the application, you'll be greeted with an update notification. Or, just use the below link to grab it.

UPDATED 04/06/2016 12:33 PM

Toggle Mod v6.1 for Mini Militia v2.2.27. Enjoy 🙂

UPDATED — Toggle Mod v5.0 — Bullets per shot, Respawn time, — Mini Militia v2.2.23 — Android — WORKS ON MULTIPLAYER

UPDATE — 27/03/2016 10:46 PM

After a long waiting time here it is, the latest version of Mod(4.0) for the latest version of the game(2.2.19)

UPDATE — 09/03/2016 — 11:38 PM

Updated to v3.4, death bug fixed.Click the below link to get the latest update.

UPDATE — 05/03/2016 10:15 PM

UPDATED — Toggle Mod v3.2 — Mini Militia v2.2.16 — No more errors or crashes — WORKS ON MULTIPLAYER

UPDATE — 04/03/2016 11:54 PM

Upgraded to latest v3.0 to support Mini Militia v2.2.16 with cool new features, please click the below link for that.

UPDATE — 02/03/2016 01:21 PM

Shrink'ed the app to a smaller size like 3 MB.
Improved binary consistency check.
See Downloads section at the end of this post.
Please install the original version of Mini Militia v2.2.15 to continue with this app.

UPDATE — 02/03/2016 2:08 AM

UPDATED — Toggle Mod v2.0 — Mini Militia v2.2.15 — Pro pack, No Reload,etc — Cool new features — WORKS ON MULTIPLAYER

UPDATE — 27/02/2016 5:18 PM
This is what you've been waiting for :D.I am a promise keeper :).

Toggle'able mod — Mini Militia v2.2.15 — Unlimited Health,Flying,etc for Android — WORKS ON MULTIPLAYER

UPDATED — Mini Militia v2.2.15 — Unlimited Health, Flying power, Ammo, One shot dead, etc for Android — WORKS ON MULTIPLAYER

How to?

Got any issues?
Please comment through my website linked above.I might not be active over here :).

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комментариев 45

  1. Shihab Soft:

    Overcoming all the difficulties, spending countless hours coding and debugging, here I release the latest version of Toggle Mod v42.0 for Mini Militia v4.1.1 with awesome new revamped features, bug fixes and optimizations.

    On your mark, get set, go………

  2. Shihab Soft:

    The update for no root version will be released soon.
    Sorry for the inconvenience caused, due to ma health condition.

  3. Shihab Soft:

    *After a long waiting time here it is, the latest version of Mod(4.0) for the latest version of the game(2.2.19)*

  4. Night Biologist:

    how to be good at militia
    step 1: get some skills and dont be lazy

  5. muhammed nihal:

    hey what we should do can u explain it by part


    it doesn’t​ work

  7. Yanrei Beran:

    that cheat is for noob only >:(

  8. Khaled Malhis:

    hey shihabudheen, i got ver 2.2.19 and mod 4,i got root access in my mobile, when i run the mod it asks me the for root access and it gets it then i check some of the options i want and click save binary then it saves and i launch the game to find that i am still a normal player and the mode didn’t do it’s job, any idea ?

  9. Ajay mhaskute:

    mere ko tera whatsapp number dena

  10. Sonu Tiwari Official:

    bombs unlimited hai isme

  11. Khalnayak Lakra:

    plzzzzz add fastly your toogle mod versions i like very much

  12. Amin AP:

    kaise kiya plzzzz mujhe btao

  13. Rathod Nitin:

    Please tell me how to download not rooted phone in redmi note 3

  14. Cyrax007isnowonutube:

    dude not working Samsung S3 rooted.
    tried the steps carefully. but after launching hacks doesnt works. game is normal ;(

  15. Maj Pretty496:

    no why it is not working i follow all and phone is android

  16. LYRICS@RS:

    Not working ?????

    • Shihab Soft:

      Try our latest version

      You could download it from here

  17. kumar siddhant:

    Kuch nahi hua …???

  18. Bugs Agent:

    I think it would be better if we could Shot though walls

    could you add that feature?

    • Shihab Soft:

      +Bugs Agent TM Ofc, that’s why I am here with my works.

    • Bugs Agent:

      +Shihabudheen Pk (ShihabSoft) lol.. question do you work on the Mods by yourself?!

    • Shihab Soft:

      +Bugs Agent TM Surprises always makes you eager to visit my site each and every time :D.

      So far I have never broke ma promises 😀

    • Bugs Agent:

      +Shihabudheen Pk (ShihabSoft) I’m Not sure if I’m so post to be Sad or Happy. I’m Happy that the v2.3 of already Released and that your working on an update version for 2.2.16 of Militia but sad that your keeping the new features a secret 🙁 anyway.. I’m really glad theres a better Hack for Militia 😀

    • Shihab Soft:

      +Bugs Agent TM Already released the v2.3 of Toggle app today, just an hour before.
      Please find the updated post on my website.

      I am working on v2.2.16 Mini Militia with some more cool new features.Its kinda secret 😀

  19. Gamer Man Eternity180:

    Oh yeah will the cheat work on local or LAN wifi? Will it damage the opponent? I am asking because the cheat backfires at quickplay. I mean from backfire,opponent doesn’t take damage.

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