Mini Militia : TOP 5 Legendary Tips and Tricks : Wall Crouch, Melee Spam, sniper tips, Rpg and more


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  1. Rusty DA2:

    Hehe space petrol delta power ranger spd???



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    Thug life xD

  4. Gamer KingCobra:

    nyc and helpful video my second hero

  5. MortaL Da2:

    1:00 minute : My moment ??.. nice video bro… Awesome editing…

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    Haha nice and I know why game@glance want me to subscribe ur channel?

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    how can i talk with you in your discord

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    I want to join with you


    Which device u r using?

  13. {LGD} Kingslayer:

    15 dislike players are noob lol

  14. SUNNY DA2:

    Nice Video bro

  15. ExtremeCGaming:

    Wall crouch is mine ?

  16. Abhishek Kushwaha:

    I guess we ought to have a conversation. I will install Discord tomorrow and contact you. I have some real issues with your results. And that doesn’t involve that I did not win. Anyway, your tips are really cool and I am sharing this video with my friends.

  17. games@glance:

    Grtttt video bro.. congrtz for 100k views..

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