Minecraft: 1.2 Update Skyblock 2018 Bedrock Edition W/Download

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Hey guys it's DanRobzProbz here and this is my 1st map of the new year…
Skyblock 2018!
This map is basically the same as the original, but with commands, custom shops/traders, and some other cool stuff.
The map does have a bit of a DRP twist too it also, you have a kinda quest progression system which changes when you pick up certain items etc…
All feedback is greatly supported!

Thanks again guys,
(this map has custom music on it… so please be careful if you record this on Youtube)

Check Out My Friends Channel For a Awesome LP on This Map:-

(World Of Lister)





✨Many Thanks✨


Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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комментария 44

  1. DanRobzProbz:

    *Just so you know I’ve fixed the issue with the gold ingots via fishing…*

    P.s Also more mobs will spawn now, fixed that issue too!
    All updated in the description!



    • MrPapaya:

      DanRobzProbz yep, working fine now, thx again for your help

    • DanRobzProbz:

      MrPapaya That’s because you need to delete all your maps on your Xbox bud, and basically remove any of my my behaviour packs etc…
      Trust me I had the same problem, it doesn’t like it for some unknown reason…
      Sorry for the problems bud

    • MrPapaya:

      DanRobzProbz next big problem with 1.2.1, when i import the map to win 10 and open and play it, everything is fine, Uploading it to the realm also no problem, but the moment you download it to xbox or even back to win 10, the Behavior pack is gone, unter setting no extra pack, only standard…. you know i started your nice map 4 times now,…..i will stop playing it now until it is finally released without all the struggle,….

  2. noved 2021:

    1)rip my fav bug
    2) is Lister ganna be starting over on this version of the map

  3. XeoMiner:

    Yay I can now play! Thank you for putting the download link. It is very cool!

  4. Crafty Creeper:

    3rd Like!!

  5. noved 2021:

    Me and my friends just did some math and if your using cobble stone to get diamonds it takes 1,129 stacks of cobblestone to get 1 diamond

  6. sensei geger:

    Ah an update thanks

  7. Ooo Lister ooO:

    Great update
    I love fishing in Minecraft!
    Makes me think about starting over!

  8. Chojin613:

    I might start this now. The fishing update is going to change progression greatly

  9. MrPapaya:

    played it for some hours now, was fishing for an hour but do not feel the improvement, no extra loot on my xbox one, anyone else having this issue or am i missing something,… in my settings it says active beh. packs… hmmmmmmmm

    • MrPapaya:

      okay, it finally worked, yeah, sorry for my panic mode, but i already started it twice and was little to unpatient with your nice map, thanks again for your work, i really really enjoy it.

  10. Mr. BlueBerry:

    Is this available on Android (pe)

  11. Markus Bane:

    I look forward to trying the fishing

  12. Stelaras swag:

    do more modded console map!!!. Btw nice vid!

  13. Chojin613:

    Last night I got an announcement that I found an easter egg when getting iron from fishing. I also got pumping iron which spawned a chest. Did the easter egg spawn a chest which I lost to the iron chest? If so, it happened again about 10 minutes ago when I got gold from fishing, but I had previously got leather, so I got an easter egg announcement and the books books books chest, which will be overwritten by the gold chest.

    I know there’s a bit of a delay because I’m using my phone as a server, so that’s not an issue with your map

  14. noved 2021:

    I found a bug I got 9 gold ingots from fishing but can’t trade them with the ore villager and can’t turn them into blocks

  15. Corey Clarke:

    Hey. This looks great — but is it going to be available on PC?

  16. The_furf_of_July:

    Can I get the behavior pack on another world?

  17. Sxiga -:

    How do u do it

  18. Voidz Gaming:

    If you create a new version of the sky factory you should put a hammer addon In it

  19. kokixxd:

    help… my skyblock_shop is Witch not a Villager?

  20. pramod patil:

    How do I download the behavior pack

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