Mi Notebook Pro Gaming Review — Can It Game At 1080p?

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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Gaming review, gaming performance with FPS temps, external temps and GPU overclocking. This laptop is $899 here with coupon MIBOOKPRO i7/16GB model is $1249 with coupon MIPro16G here:

*Full Mi Notebook Pro review now online:*

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комментариев 38

  1. everything you need to know by Milan:

    Gamers life
    We don’t die , we just re- spawn and take revenge

  2. Iqbal Singh:

    Please do an in-depth comparison with mackbook pro

  3. Race Master:

    this notebook «pro» sucks, can’t compare with macbook pro radeon 560 or surface book 2 gtx 1050-1060

  4. mrzazzaable:

    The world is screaming for a gaming varient on the Mi book

  5. 7sonology I حسونولوجي:

    The way u pronounce per second is so annoying

  6. Wish and Watch:

    i just want to point out that battlefield 1 was running with 75% resolution scale which basically means it gets rendered internally in 1440×810 pixel, which is NOT full HD therefore the fps for REAL full hd will be lower than shown in your video.
    you can also see it in the image quality of the gameplay, it’s quite pixelated.

  7. Hotlook Man:

    I can’t find program that will work as fan control for this notebook(
    I got some kind of bug ( even after windows reinstall) that my coolers won’t stop on even a second . Temperature is ok , as it was before bug .

  8. soundlicious:

    Is occulus rift compatible with the i7 version?

  9. Carlos Díaz:

    They haven’t posted driver updates for this model?? Great video and thank you!!!

  10. Kiri Bogach:

    Nice video!

  11. Floppy Bird:

    Tomb Raider runs bad on my Nvidia 1050Ti too
    i dunno why (latest directx and gpu drivers installed)

    • TechTablets.com:

      It was ood if you see my Mi Notebook Air 13 review it runs a lot better on slightly older drivers. Must be an Nvidia introduced driver bug.

    • Xunknownzerox:

      Recheck the graphic setting in the game… Or at the launcher last time it run bad on my 1050 bacuse the hairwork or smthing like that is turned on…

  12. Sai Skanda:

    Notification squad!

  13. Ryker:

    do you mean 60 fps instead of 60p in the title?

  14. Tsoum7:

    We really want your full review!

    • TechTablets.com:

      This is part of the process, testing gaming performance and the thermals. I’m working on the full review for next week sometime. Just need more time testing battery life & that takes a few days.

    • TechTablets.com:

      Full Mi Notebook Pro review now online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPADLSRLUkM

  15. Yosef Elgart:

    mi a1 vs mi 5x battery life??

  16. OP Paladin:

    better than macbook !

  17. Gery Enriko Burhan:

    battery life?

  18. Markus Uhlig:

    can it do league of legends on 1080p, high settings and no drops under 60 fps ?

  19. Lixin Zhang:

    Considering the price, the mi notebook is really worth buying.

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