Map of Navezgane A16 ☠️ 7 Days To Die Alpha 16

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I love to play RPG games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim and MMORPG's like WOW, and Survival Crafting Zombie Apocalypse themed games like 7 Days To Die, and sometimes I play The Sims 4. I also like to make Tutorials and Guides for these games to help beginner's out.

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Sunrise on Mars by Jason Shaw
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  1. Justin Mclean:

    The site for the map just gives SURVEYS!

    • DianddraD:

      the site changed it apparently, so that its a different link. if I put the new link in the description and you click it from youtube it does some weird redirect thing and throws you somewhere else, so I put the map on my tumblr page to avoid all that redirect nonsense.

  2. Peter Kayrooz:

    Thankyou DianddraD

  3. Sebastian González:


  4. Janna Clark:

    top left is perishton. not as dreary as gravestown, but not a place to live. book, drug, working stiff store, gun store are all small and limited, grocery, bank, car lot, saloon and several un-named business. factories. homes and lots of dogs, cops and ferals.

  5. Connie E.:

    Whoa, wait, they got rid of «Dead Man’s Gulch» to put that town in? Whaaat? Thanks D for the info. 🙂

  6. Almighty King Tomato:

    Sexiest voice ever ??

  7. noksookao:

    Thanks for the link!

  8. Angel Esparza:

    great video! keep it up please!

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