LGR — Wasteland — DOS PC Game Review

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Before Fallout, there was Wasteland from Interplay in 1988. And it exploded cRPG gamers' minds like a blood sausage with its post-apocalyptic awesomeness!

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комментария 23

  1. Seth Crimson:

    What were your thoughts on Wasteland 2?

  2. turoniner:

    Invariably, in every video, he goes into a duke nukem voice every third sentence. At a minimum.

  3. Nikki Wright:

    Where did you get that fantastic SimCity poster at the beginning?

  4. Duncan K:

    Back in the days when EA was about games not about money.

  5. Kristian Ferencik:

    He forgot the insane difficulty. Just to warn you two bunnies can wipe out your entire crew when you start out. Also the user interface is very complicated. It is still a very good game but it is an extremely hardcore RPG.

  6. Jim:

    Wish they made the sequel less goofy it wasn’t what I envisioned when I played the first one . .45 acp m1911s that can blow up steel robots? Come on

  7. Klonter77 von Planet77:

    Better than Fallout 4

  8. Sir Pseudonymous:

    Gender Wars

  9. Extremity:

    I’d been playing a lot of old games, never played this before. Personally it looks to outdated(even for me). But the premise/story seems very interesting especially considering the time it was released.

  10. TheLonelyLion - Let's Play!:

    Noooooo~ Don’t let PUR, DN & LGR dieeeeee~ ;(

  11. Couch Potato:


  12. baroquejen:

    This game was fantastic. You could lose yourself for hours, and it was so much better than just a first-person shooter. It was like being inside the story.

  13. NBR:

    Wild «PushinUpRoses» Spotted. I Like it!

  14. aaron selby:

    Love this channel. Even the comments r old!

  15. Carl Wilspang:

    0:22 what is that Hr giger game in the background? can somebody tell me?

  16. Firestarter:

    Oh how far the Fallout franchise has fallen from it’s founder….

  17. Amy Carter:

    I’d play this…

  18. Chokfi:

    isn’t there toaster repair here

  19. Marco Duarte:

    I still remember that it was been redone for a SEGA platform, but got canceled along the way…

  20. Dutch Dude:

    Getting goosebumps just watching that amazing cover art! As a huge Wasteland 2 fan I approve of this review! Never played the first one (being three years old at the time and all) but I shure want to! Subscribed ?

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