LGR — The Sims 4 Review

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Gameplay and overview of The Sims 4. What are the new features? How does it compare to The Sims 3? Is it worth buying? Questions, answers, snark!

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комментариев 96

  1. Pinkstylist:

    You are my all time fav game reviewer ^_^ Thanks for the awesome review! Might get it myself just to give it a try, all bad points aside, still looks pretty fun! 😀

  2. Hugo A. Fonseca:

    sims 3 + sims 4 creat a sims + sims 4 build mode + multitasking = what simmers really deserve it…

  3. twinsister27:

    «You have to be a sadistic hydrophobe to build a hot desert town to play in and not include a single way to go swimming and cool off.»
    -LGR 2014, calling EA Sadistic Hydrophobes

  4. Carin Šekara:

    The sims 3 is so much better to be honest..

  5. Jackomac43:

    I’ve played the Sims 3 for five years and only just discovered loads of new stuff. Rocks, gems, flowers, wine making, car relationships, loads of rewards and perks of careers. WHY DOESN’T THE SIMS 4 HAVE ANY OF THIS STUFF?

  6. Chlorine Tomato:

    When it’s 2016 and there’s no chairs expansion pack

    • Jess Clay:

      when it’s 2017 and like nothing

    • Sophie Jackson:

      there hello I want to level up sitting. I’m already a master at it in real life so it would add a lot of realism for me.

    • there hello:

      Chloe I want them to have a chair expansion pack. Not a stuff pack, not even a game pack. A expansion pack about chairs. Like, there will be a FUCKTON of chairs. Not only chairs, but picture of chairs, chair tvs, etc. also chair activities will be a thing and a chair themed town.

    • guguy00:

      When it’s been 2 years and they FINALLY release toddlers but I don’t really care for the game anymore…

      I’ll stick to the Sims 2 and 3 for actual content thanks.

    • Nicolai:

      When it’s been 2 years and they have only released 3 expansion packs.

      Honestly i’d rather have them forget about stuff and game packs completely and focus on expansion packs. Imo I don’t like stuff packs because they don’t add any gameplay, and game packs just seem like a smaller version of an expansion pack. No thanks.

  7. saarah0006:

    Anyone here because of the origin sale

    • Galaxy Girl:

      saarah0006 I got sims 4 for £14.99, I can’t even remember what sale it was but it’s was AWESOME!!! Lol

    • April May:

      +Satelitek A bit more story progression could definitely be a lot more beneficial to the Sims 4 for sure and I love the game, but this is one of the biggest things I really want for that (plus at least being able to visit neighbors without a loading screen). Personally I never used the newspaper at all it was always cluttered up my front yard. XD

      You can tell how dated the game is due to the ‘technology’ of today. Cause honestly not a lot of people even get newspapers in yards since you’d just buy it at the grocery or corner store.

      Emotions are great, but they need a way bigger influence on other sims. Think Sims 2 always did it the best though lol always seemed like people were always fighting no matter where I went or mocking one another.

    • Jacqueline Christine:

      saarah0006 No! It’s because of black friday 🙂 I bought The Sims 4 three days ago for 15 bucks at target (75% off! orig price: 59.99) and right now it’s 29.99! I think because of Cyber Monday idk.

    • saarah0006:

      +Destiny Bennett Is that how much its worth now?

    • Pumpkin46 MSP:

      saarah0006 yep got it for 10$ today xD

  8. Romesa Khan:

    I love how straightforward your reviews are. Almost 20 minutes and I don’t feel like a single minute was wasted in getting to the point.

  9. um no:

    Honestly, I feel like the good things they ADDED to sims 4, couldve just been added to sims 3. Like just do a big update and add the graphics, the multitasking and the better build mode and you would have a huge hit!

  10. Simone Simone:

    I think that I will skip this one and wait for the 5th…

  11. StarleePie47:

    The neighborhood screen looks… unfinished. :p

  12. Brittany Byrnes:

    Sims 3 was the best. They should’ve just continued it.

    • Jerome Alday:

      I love Sims 3 but I have to disagree. The game system is too outdated. But I want them to polish The Sims 3 gameplay instead of building it on top of the Sims 2 gameplay.

    • Sjwaria Law:

      +Brittany Byrnes Ah but they didn’t have enough stuff to make paid DLC’s.
      So let’s make the same exact game, with tiny arguable improvements, and pump out those DLC’s on the same exact stuff that they already made before!!
      Much more profitable!

    • мємσяy:

      +Brittany Byrnes And Sims2 too. Sims4 is just weird.

    • Anderson Junior:

      +Brittany Byrnes i prefer the sims 2, but sims 3 is 1 million times better than sims 4.

  13. mosocel 21:

    Honestly in my opinion, the Sims 3 is still my favorite and I play it the most 🙂

  14. GothMermaidGamer:

    My verdict? It’s not worth it. I’ve got better, more important things to spend $60-70 on, I’ll just stick with Sims 3.

  15. Fishnetfreud:

    I was so disappointed with Sims 4. It’s just not a very good game. I only play the Sims 3. For a thousand different reasons. One of them being that it’s just a lot more interesting to play. The Sims 4 is boring, in my opinion.

    • Fishnetfreud:

      +DarkPhoenix1985 You’re totally right, that’s a great way of putting it.

    • TeamRocket:

      +Fishnetfreud As a hardcore fan of the sims I feel so bored from it it’s like playing monopoly without the money, the get out of jail free card, the chance cards, the house and hotel pieces, the dice, the board, the receipt from wal-mart….yeah I’m stripped to simply the cardboard box….damn!

  16. Hennig Family Vlogs:

    still only playing sims 2 🙂

  17. Wednesday Addams:

    I’m gonna stick with the sims 3 still tbh

    • Quilliza:

      +Wednesday Addams Me too. I bought the Sims 4 but it is just taking up space on my hard drive 🙁

    • popper S.:

      yea I dont wanna move on to sims 4 I like the sims 3 more

    • HalloMolli:

      +Ryan Swift I agree, even after owning gtw and all eps + gps so far. It’s like going back to the stone age when playing The Sims 4.

    • Ryan Swift:

      yep Sims 4 is just a cash grab

    • aazo5:

      +Wednesday Addams I agree. I still play the Sims 3 and it’s fantastic. Expansion are (mostly) great and are pretty cheap right now, and the game is still amazing. The Sims 4 is cool and all, and while I like the new art style, and the create a sim, I just can’t get past the loss of open world, tiny towns, loading screens and lack of basic content, even with the expansions.

  18. xraritysparkles:

    I love The Sims 3, that’s the end of that. 😛

    • xraritysparkles:

      +TheCrazyBritish *Hoping* ! 

    • TheCrazyBritish:

      +DisneyAndSpiritLover haha. hopefully they will reimplement them. It’s usually around this time or next year we get pets expansions so lets hope.

    • xraritysparkles:

      My Sims 3 game decided to stop working so I went ahead and bought The Sims 4. Do I regret it? No. Works so much better than Sims 3 but I *will* miss my horses…

    • lolmazz966:

      i’ve never deny it has done good things, i do think sims 4 added really good stuff but what i was trying to say is that sims 4 has many bad aspects too and has taken away many good aspects of sims 3. i don’t see a reason not to express what i think here, in a comment section that indirectly says sims 3 is better which would make someone see the comments with the expectations to find the weaknesses of sims 4. and yes you made a good point, these comments put people off but they also tell people what they are paying for. and i don’t think it is a war, its just fans expressing their opinion about the game and there is no need to force them to be optimistic, they should be open-minded and concious about the pros and cons about the game

  19. xNalaLovex:

    Sims 3 is honestly a million times better. I love the open world and how realistic it is. You can ride a horse, drive a car, use boats and of course there’s toddlers lol. It’s way more fun and I’m not gonna even waste my time and money of sims 2.5

  20. Lazy Game Reviews:

    My review of the first expansion for The Sims 4 is now online — Get To Work!

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