LGR — Bombshell — PC Game Review

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3D Realms has a new game after how many years? Color me intrigued!
Bombshell has risen from the ashes of Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction, bringing lots of action and upgradable weapons.

This review was made using preview code supplied by 3D Realms, version 1.0.10182, which includes the launch day patch. My critiques and issues with the gameplay take this into account.

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Music used is from the Bombshell OST

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комментариев 46

  1. 90sgamer92:

    What’s the point of rebooting a development studio if it the new version hasn’t got any of the original members, doesn’t work on their original IPs and is located in a different country to boot?

    • Nr4747:

      Definitely brand recognition aka MONEYZ !

    • Belis Breckenridge:

      90sgamer92 brand recognition

    • JazGalaxy:

      +OpenMawProductions That’s disturbing, then. Most of the reviews I read for the game poo-pooed it because they said Duke’s character didn’t «hold up», but they always seemed to fail to realize that NONE of the mysogynistic, crass, man-to-be-worshipped personality of DNF was in the earlier games. Not necessarily because it wasn’t in the character, but just because the games had no NPCs. Duke had bravado, but all the x-rated stuff was implied or greatly toned down.

    • OpenMawProductions:

      +JazGalaxy A lot of the writing in the final release of DNF came from the two gearbox producers. So I don’t hold out much hope that their crews fully understand what makes the character so great in the first place.

    • Mustang McKraken:

      +90sgamer92 Because, originally this was going to be a Duke Nukem game. 3DRealms has (or at least they thought they had) the rights to Duke, but turns out they didn’t. And you can’t just change a studios name during production.

  2. Jebediah Oldenheimer:

    Aw man, repetitious one-liners by the end of the second level? That’s disappointing.

    • Vivere Pericolosamente:

      Another Linear and boring hack & slash with guns…Seems game studios running out of ideas nowdays…Rinse and Repeat.

    • pluckyduck11y:

      +Jebediah Oldenheimer Yeah repetitious one-liners are like nails on a chalk board to me, but don’t most games like this have repeating lines within the first 2 minutes? I think it’s astonishing you could get through a whole level without hearing one.

    • Turkisch Van A.K.A Turkisch Raven:

      +Jebediah Oldenheimer İt would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

    • everx7:

      +Jum Black none cause theyre all dead 😀 (seriously, thats the answer)

  3. dieser bombi:

    Man the visuals, character design, cutsenes, facial expression, animations and eeeeeevrything looks so nice.
    I just wish it was a third person shooter. :c

    • Rock Steel:

      +dieser bombi I think its visual design while not entirely orginal is solid enough the only problem is that the coloration of the main character and her weapon kind of blend into the background

    • Zabeus:

      +Ozterkvlt I like GTA despite it being a TPS. Actually when I think of TPS I imagine the camera being closer like when you aim down the gun in GTA, or the third-person in Fallout 3. (or use the stationary cannon in Bombshell) A GTA-style camera doesn’t bother me although first-person would be superior.

    • Ozterkvlt:

      +Zabeus you dont like gta? to be fair i prefer first person for straight up shooters though. as do most i guess

    • James Davenport:

      +nobodyinterestingyou I think the SJW/White Knight Movement has probably killed those kinds of games…unfortunately. Me? I would LOVE to see a bold counterpoint, a Yin to Duke Nukem’s Yang…A snarky female, but alas… 🙁

    • Zabeus:

      +Justin Wilson Ugh, I can’t stand third-person shooters. Twin-stick/isometric games are great, but if you’re going to move the camera right over someone’s shoulder, why not go all the way to first-person?

  4. toasterrabbit:

    3d realms is dead.

    • Mustang McKraken:

      +treeghettox Revelations 2 was better than Revelations, Revelations was better than 6, which was better than 5. REmastered is really, really good and I’m enjoying 0 REmastered so far, plus they’re remaking 2. Resident Evil is doing just fine. That’s a poor IP to use as an example for Crapcom being crap.

      Devil May Cry is in the shitter, Megaman is on a permanent hiatus, and Monster Hunter is the new Dynasty Warriors with new games and no new content. They should bring something back like a new good Darkstalkers or a new Onimusha, and stop rebooting franchises for no reason and shelving their best sellers.

    • toasterrabbit:

      You’re probably really fun at parties.

      «Oh I love this song!»

      «This song is terrible, it’s not the death grips or radio head.»

  5. אולדסקול:

    These guys are 3D-Realms superfans, that really shows. I just wish they’d make the kickass games these IPs deserve. Huge bummer.

  6. TheMercenaryArtist:

    Rise of the Triad was one of the first games I worked on, so sad to see the issues they had with their sophomore release.

  7. The Carlz0r:

    Jon St. John sounds almost like Mark Hamill in this.

  8. SykoFox:

    I really like the character. It would be great if she was in a good game. We need more badass women in games who mostly wear clothes.

  9. Redem10:

    Damn it when are we getting a new Commander Keen

  10. Faith Connors:

    lmao 9:02 that is EMBARRASSING voice acting.

  11. Fernando Alegre:

    Honestly dude, mad respect for being honest and straight-forward. You actually sounded somewhat pained while criticizing it and it really shows that you were expecting something a lot more.

  12. Biofan813:

    Really shocked this wasn’t a 3rd person or 1st person shooter. Shame, looks like this game could have been something special.

  13. skeleton:

    S H I E L D A C T I V A T E D

  14. txcforever:

    Man, I really wanted this to be good, even though it never looked like it would escape mediocrity. I want 3D Realms to become a household name again and with Rise of Triad and Shadow Warrior being pretty good I expected this to rock as well.

    Might pick it up after a price drop just to support the company.

  15. mrvellu:

    thanks again for the honest review LGR!

  16. Caetano Silva:

    What a piece of crap

  17. SmoothEmJay:

    Always respect your work clint. Said it many times, always brutally honest and reliable. Good man indeed.

  18. Lazy Game Reviews:

    *Update:* 3D Realms has made a blog post addressing almost every one of my main critiques of the game. Really cool to see them acknowledging its shortcomings and doing their best to patch the issues they can post-launch:

    • William Hayden:

      I saw and read that. I agree. It’s nice to see a developer seriously try to fix a game after release. I give them a big thumbs up even if the game falls short of the mark. I hope they earned enough sales to make a new release applying what they’ve learned and making a stronger showing the next time around. Not everyone strikes gold on the first try or even the second. Keep it up 3D Realms, we appreciate and respect that you aren’t afraid of honest reviews.

    • Zzyzx Wolfe:

      Do you think the patches actually fix the issues or are they still there? I’d love to play the game if it’s good now, but I don’t want to waste the money if it’s still no fun. I’ve heard rumors that Bombshell has been abandoned for their Rad Rodgers Kickstarter game, so I’m worried.

    • anne m:

      +Lazy Game Reviews makes me proud to be a dane

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