[Kpop Game Review] SUPERSTAR BTS

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Finally!!! A BTS official Game called "SUPERSTAR BTS" is now release!!!
I'm so happy that i want this game so much and i'm waiting this game for so long (because i'm a gamer!! Duh…). This new game is so different between this game & SUPERSTAR SMTOWN/SUPERSTAR JYP NATION.

thank you, Dalcom??

So download now:
Android : goo.gl/ZTWMzC
iOS : goo.gl/goo6wG (you can change the country region to south korea)
Apk (for android) :

Instagram : @boonon_98
Twitter : @BooNon_98
Carat Amino : BooNon_98

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комментария 43

  1. My Mom Didn't Warn Me About 7 Hot Koreans:

    How can you play hard and do everything perfect. Like theres me who can’t even play normal.

  2. carat soup:

    There’s a bts version? I was getting the JYP and SM game for a friend by logging in my Apple ID, and on the search bar of the App Store I saw superstar BTS i thought people wanted that but only got JYP and SM lol. I was wrong until I got this notification.

    Update; I just got it on my phone. I don’t like it, it’s confusing for me. I prefer JYP and SM much more

  3. haley r.:

    I hope they make one for international fans I still can’t get itt

  4. Usagi ssi:

    Now waiting for DLACOM to release a Pledis version

  5. Samara Eduarda:

    didn’t like that much….I prefer the sm/jyp version

  6. KookiesJams:

    I wish I could play it. Well I guess I have to stick with Osu for a little while longer?

  7. KookiesJams:

    I think I prefer SM’s, Jyp’s Game and YG’s Beat Evo

    • KookiesJams:

      Jimin’s missing armpit hair in Blood Sweat & Tears Yeah I agree that YG’s Beat Evo is the best one. It’s just so well made with all YG Idols & your name is killing me???

    • Jimin's missing armpit hair in Blood Sweat & Tears:

      KookiesJams ygs beat evo is the best❤ the superstar games are too confusing for me???

  8. NAMJIN has V nice SUGA KOOKies for JIMIN JHOPEfully:


  9. Mrs. Chwe:

    How you can play that good omg I cant even play the Normal one without missing a tap

  10. heyitsmira:

    I loved your new intro!

  11. abxgail grazer:

    I cant even with the normal pone??

  12. wertyl_mertyl:

    *tap tap tap tap tap tap tap*

  13. Yap Seok Chu:

    Can somebody explain to me how to get those card and what are the use of those card? Thank you

    • Lilili Yixing:

      Yap Seok Chu oh and also you can get it when you first play the game, or even with attendance. Or sometimes you can buy it with your rythm points

    • Lilili Yixing:

      Yap Seok Chu just like in SSM/BEAT EVO/SJYP, the use of cards are for the points. When you own cards with the same theme, there are bonus points corresponding. I hope that helps!

  14. omojiminah:

    now please release an bts outcast au game as well

  15. Jhonmarlo Carreon:

    I wish and da korea
    Para makita ko si v jin jongkok jimin j Hope
    And suga i love you v

  16. Yeosue:

    I prefer the sm and jyp one

  17. Cute Lethal Marshmallow:

    i prefer sm/ jyp superstar because is easier to play, like how they show the card at the bottom of the songs , it took to long just for me to check my cards on the bts one

  18. a . j a e:

    It’s better than the SM one that one confused the hell out of me and it looks cheaper compared to the BTS game

  19. Francine Claire Jamilo:

    how can you get diamonds? ?

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