Koudelka Review! (PS1) The Game Collection!

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Koudelka is a turn-based RPG that is very reminiscent of the original Resident Evil games. Find out why in this Koudelka review!

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  1. Pingu and Pinga:

    Now I have a reason to play this game….The prequel of one of my favorite series, Shadow Hearts.

  2. Patience5840:

    I’m so stoked you made a video on this! Will you have a look at the Shadow Hearts games now too???

  3. Higor Melo:

    Hey Derek i love your channel man 😉

  4. Casp O'saurus:

    Love me some Koudelka. I haven’t been able to watch your videos for a while, because I haven’t played Suikoden 3 properly yet. I don’t want to get any impressions of it. Glad you made one on a game I’m super familiar with. u r qt boi

    • H.Brandt:

      Casp O’saurus Speaking of Suikoden, you missed one point in the interview with Yoshitaka Murayama by Suikoden Memorial Revival from June 2014.

      He said one of the projects he is involved with is aimed mainly towards the overseas audience. They had recently launched the project back then and didn’t know when they (who?) will get it off the ground.

      Keep in mind, he is no longer in director position anymore. Ever since 10000 Bullets was a commercial failure he stopped making console games. He is now doing freelance work. He has pens some works for other projects like a manga adaptation and story for Alliance Alive for 3DS but the project that was made with a worldwide audience in mind is a major project he is certainly doing freelance work.

      An insider told back in 2013 that JAPAN Studio has to get some Japanese author to pen a script/story for them. This was their second attempt at a big game emulating global focus RPG since Legend of Dragoon and they want it to be done right this time. There are too many signs it will be an open-world by a new team which is a mix bag of Soul Sacrifice staff from Marvelous AQL and Comcept who joined JS and graduated rookies from uni.

      New Shadow Hearts does also exist by the same team who reunited. It will be similar to Arika’s fighting project, it will be made on a budget they can achieve. It is made for fans and Sony Third Party Productions headed by Gio Corsi seems to have a hand on that in some way. Sony Third Party Productions is specializing on fan favourites.

    • Avalanche Reviews:

      Happens to me all the time. Half his library is games I want to experience for myself, and can’t watch.

  5. otakon17:

    Man, I wish I had bought this when I had a chance way back when Gamestop still had PS1 games.

  6. pop2uno:

    One of the best voices in youtube.

  7. Dustman _B:

    The only reason I picked it up because I’m a huge Shadow Hearts fan

  8. civoreb:

    I heard this is a prequel to Shadow Hearts long ago. Aside that, your videos always get me back in the mood to play jrpg’s.

  9. Guy Kazama:

    Glad to see you cover this game! I’ve always thought it to be one of the most overlooked RPGs, and it gets even better with Shadow Hearts.

  10. dtPlaythroughs:

    Always wanted to play this one due to its ties to Shadow Hearts which I really enjoyed.

  11. Cameron Coburn:

    Great review! I’ve thought of picking this game up as I am a huge fan of the follow up games in the series. I think I may just give this game a go.

  12. ArchipelagoMagi:

    Hmm… thought I had heard of all of the goodies on PS1.. glad I was wrong! That said it is a bit funny how typically Japanese it is of them to try to make up a western name. It stands out so obviously on the party board:


    Hm… which name stands out as odd? :3 Still, neat review Derek!

  13. ShinParisu:

    I liked the voice acting nothing like capcom’s PlayStation cheese

  14. DonutSwordsman:

    Rock on never stop makin vids man. Its crazy that even now i can hear about a game i never knew existed once again, and thats one reason your channel is awesome.

  15. ModelJames13:

    Koudelka is a $70 game now!!?? Wow times sure have gone bad. Good review.

  16. Twodee Twodimensional Twodimensionalus:

    Yes! Was waiting for this one. Really enjoyed your streams of this.

    Despite it’s obvious flaws I really think this one is a diamond in the rough. The horror atmosphere is never really captured in any other JRPGs, not even in it’s spiritual sequel Shadow Hearts. The large connected mansion makes for a really great, cohesive setting.

    Was not aware it cost that much in the US. In Europe it goes for around €20-30

  17. zempmasterz:

    Oooooh this is that precursor to shadow hearts.

  18. Michael Lewis:

    A rpg for the PlayStation one I’ve never heard of say whaaaaaa!

  19. Brian Ormsby:

    this game reminds me of resident evil.

  20. MCH122790:

    games like this are why the PS1 was and still is my favorite console, games back then were very experimental and with most PS1 games you never really knew what you were going to get out of it until you actually played it so they feel like new and fresh experiences even today despite the PS1 hardware and games themselves being so outdated.

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