Kobe Bryant 81 Points Game Highlights (HD)

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Kobe Bryant 81 Points Game Highlights (HD)

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комментариев 75


    Lebitch will never score 81 or 100 pts

  2. DBL:

    I just love the hoop sound when kobe scores.

  3. jay Dav:

    loses free throw record gets a new record the same day

  4. Juan Pablo Torres:

    Who else came here after watching Kobe’s 60 Pts Last Game?

  5. kevinvince2011:

    Someone else came here after KT got 60 points in three quarters?

  6. James M.:

    I’m a Sixers fan so I usually hate everything Lakers, but I respect Kobe’s game and career. He will be missed.

    • James M.:

      In regards to the PTB making that historic mistake, it always boggles my mind when I think how just a few people who were placed  in a power position can decide, for good or for worse, the future of a franchise, and consecutively, the emotional roller coaster of its fans, for many years to come.
      We (I mean the Sixers) have also made some huge mistakes, not MJ-scale but still… For instance in 2010 we drafted Evan Turner over DaMarcus Cousins and Paul George!!

    • PeacefulOsama Plays:

      I feel bad for u 6ers fan ur team will rip

    • TheDonkeyFLOPPER:

      You sixers fans showed him great respect. I hope that sets the trend for the other home crowds. I live in San Antonio and I know a ton of spurs fans who hated Kobe for years. At the end of the day he deserves respect.

    • jordan mihalko:

      Same fam

    • jamesdragonforce:

      +James M. Growing up in Portland as a Blazers fan, I completely empathize with you. Nonetheless, we must lament that Kobe is forever enshrined as a permanent basketball legend.
      On the other hand, WE (meaning us Blazers here in Portland) MISSED an opportunity to recruit MJ (Bulls had the third pick, we had the second). That mark we have to live with.

  7. Victor Pico:

    Watching this because Nba 2k just announced they releasing Diamond Kobe because of this performance

  8. MrLakersfan1:

    So some LeBrontard I was just arguing with said anyone can put up 81 if they attempted as many shots as Kobe did. Another L handed to LeBron fans.

  9. Peter Owen:

    Thanks for everything, Kobe.

  10. I like to change my usert:

    You’re the GOAT in my eyes bro

  11. Juan Pablo Torres:

    Top 5 moments in the modern NBA

  12. Carlson de Pancho:

    Jack Nicholson missed this Historical Game..

  13. Quepasamaquina:

    Lol I love the sound when the ball gets inside

  14. Jmcj01 Jmcj01:

    Kobe 81 pts Lakers team 41 pts

  15. xxShrimpTacoxx:

    So from what I’ve gathered, Kobe is better than Jordan in every way except he has one less ring, and that’s all that matters to people I guess

    • Isabella F:

      Tucker Bauer anyone who says MJ is not the goat doesn’t know basketball

    • Tucker Bauer:

      +Alan Gonzalez no they aren’t. Kobe was already done when those injuries came

    • Alan Gonzalez:

      +LexInDaKutt true good point, but it needs to be understood that kobe wasted a good 3 years because of career threatening injuries, other wise both are up there in comparison

    • Tammyaway:

      +Yao Ming Posts YT Stop making excuses, even if you only take into account Kobe’s 14 best years out of 20, MJ still has better stats, with pretty much the same minutes played (MJ played 38.6 mins per game and Kobe 38.8).

      Just go to basketball-reference.com and check it yourself instead of arguing with facts.

    • Kevz95:

      +Yao Ming Posts YT Also, in case you were wondering, I’ve watched way more Kobe than Jordan, cheered for Lakers every time they made the finals. Kobe’s an amazing player. Just not amazing enough. Imagine if MJ didn’t take those two years off his prime lol..

  16. Michael Sabedra:

    Coming off his worse performance of the season.. You can’t change the past; but you Can choose to change the future and what your going to do. Kobe chose greatness. Happy retirement Kobe ?

  17. Tyo Junior:

    like him or not, hate him or not, admit it, it was one thing for any player in this league almost impossible to equal. and he is one of the best player in NBA history, at least top 10 . the player that can bring his team to win the champ’ by himself . 81 pts in this modern era? insane

  18. LIL YE:

    Thank you for all the great memories Kobe, you will truly be missed #MambaDay 4.13

  19. Hans Sarpei:

    Luke walton be like: Hey kobe, remember when we combined for 82 points?

  20. vtecin247:

    It’s crazy that he did that while shooting over 60% from the field

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