Jurassik Park builder android cheat (download link

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Der Link :

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комментарий 21

  1. Youssef Jeffane:

    stp frere comment fait pour installer  ROOT  stp jarive pas aide moi stp

  2. Kenneth Hammersley:

    does game killer need root access?

  3. Ântonio Marcos:

    Como assim?

  4. Lazul E:

    Do you guys know a website where you dont need a survey to get a cheat? (jurassic park builder)

  5. Michael Springer:

    Why the hell does nothing on the internet work why does it need to be rooted

  6. jennifer tanhueco:

    what your root in andorid??

  7. Jack Sparow:

    i haw root my phone and i haw hacked Jurassik park !!

  8. Brian Everitt:

    This nolonger works, you can change the figures but it will still only read the normal amount you HAD before hand.


    Pero a mi no me funciona

  10. Black Thunder:

    Framaroot APK. Get root without pc

  11. Fabio Miguel:

    Alguem fala em portugues????

  12. voyagerrsm:

    Hey guys if you don’t know how to root just search in Google how to root (your phone’s model no.)

  13. UmbrellaCorpsgamer UCG:

    Can someone help me wat website do I need go to to root my phone

  14. Felix Knoll:

    Versteh ich nicht

  15. Martin Ivanov:

    I rooted my S4 but when i goes to chose game, the aplication is say me: Root priviliege is needed! but my mobile is alredy rooted! help pls

  16. EduHdezYns:

    please select an application…. yes yes……
    Root privilege is needed!!
    Whyyyyyyyyy Help me pls 🙁

  17. zjhumka:

    For rooted phone idiot

  18. MyName12345678901278:

    wtf why is it in german?

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