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Jim Yosef

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Jim Yosef — Checkered
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комментарий 81

  1. Expedition:

    Jim Yosef has done it again! Absolutely fantastic!

  2. Bryan Flores:

    The new Art is Amazing!

  3. Thuy Le:

    I thought Mitch was behind me when I heard his voice


    1:10 BajanCanadian?

  5. Emvous:

    why is mitch’s voice in the music video? xD

  6. Mikey:

    With the name checkered and Mitch’s (BajanCanadian) voice, are you talking about his signature jacket with this song?

  7. David Rager:

    is it just me or is it that when bajan says whats goin on it kinds sounds like ssundees song thats a remix of his intro i forget its name doesn’t it

  8. Pine Gaming:

    did I just hear bajancanadian sounds


    5 seconds in and this beat is fresh af XD

  10. TheMinecraftOverlord:

    I get it… 😉

  11. Alexis Alvarado:

    *Checkmate* Ninety9Lives I couldn’t come up with a pun.

  12. Geneva S:

    Mitch’s voice (Bajancanadian) was in this vid! «Yo what’s goin’ on?»

  13. 285852 8285852:

    From Car throttle anyone??

  14. Lin Myat:

    Is anyone having difficulty with the free download with Spotify?

  15. Arek R.:

    *Car Throttle brought me there!*

  16. Yawn AMV's:

    Kalathras :V

  17. Pina:

    Ughh, that moment when everything on Ninety9lives and Spotify changes where you need to make a ton of account to find out you still can’t download the song

  18. Daniel Chandy:

    damn that art looks SICK!!!!

  19. ImBatman:

    League poro nice.

  20. Faticate:

    I just remembered this channel brought me into electronic music back in september

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