I STOLE A $2,000,000 CAR…! — Need for Speed: Payback EARLY Gameplay!

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EARLY Need for Speed: Payback gameplay — It's AWESOME! 😀
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A! (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

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комментарий 71

  1. Nathan Salf:


  2. Mx Plays:

    Did he really call it a ford GT ?

  3. DPH5123:

    Dear god Ali I think what this vid has taught us is stay away from cars the number of makes and models you got wrong was horrendous and the way you pronounced koenigsegg made me cringe everytime I heard it

  4. StaminUp Time:

    that’s not a ford gt

  5. GTRobin:

    It’s not a ford GT Ali

  6. Monster Werbox:

    KOE-NINGEN!-SEG Ali not Ford GT.?


  7. crazygamer552:

    ‘We’re in the ford gt baby’?? ali its a mustang not a ford gt??

  8. Real Minter972:

    What game should I get
    1- the crew 2
    2- need for speed payback
    3- forza horizon ( if it was added to PS4 )

  9. argos.:

    who is this no knowledge no body person, why is he playing this if he doesn’t know his cars?

    • forbidden pollo:

      oh i dont know maybe because its a game

    • Best Bronze Thresh NA:

      You play games to learn and experience cars, you don’t play car games just because you know cars. Its a way to learn, give it time and he will know every car he can see on the street. But that’s mostly just prius’s these days ;/

  10. Pokemon Go:

    I want you to make more clash royale vids

  11. Wais Saidkhely:


  12. T9RPZz:

    Ali always grinding but he don’t get enough credit for it tbh… Keep up the great videos bro <3

  13. Holmesy Gaming:

    Thought it was a GTA vid

  14. Big muffin plays:

    No Ali its a Mustang GT

  15. Alex Liu:


  16. wayne801:

    this reminds me of NFS The Run

  17. Aaron Pomeroy:

    I only clicked on this video bc it wasn’t clickbait and that’s too rare to find now a days so I wanted to show respect

  18. Wolfyz 1803:

    Noob at cars

  19. Lary Ferreira:

    Why! It’s not a ford GT it’s a mustang!!!

  20. Vortex:

    Lol. This guy cant talk? at the start. » time to steal the kuninggsegegggg» and «OMG BABY WE HAVE NITROS!»???

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