I GOT *TWO* NEW CARS! — Need for Speed: Payback GAMEPLAY #2

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Need for Speed: Payback gameplay walkthrough Part 2 — We FINALLY get our first cars! 😀
► Need for Speed: Payback #1 —
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комментариев 39

  1. R3KTTECH:

    Hi I just bought ww2 and it is great so you help me Ali a

  2. Elliot Bain:

    When’s the next fortnite video?

  3. Ashwin R:

    Thanks Ali for posting another amazing video!

  4. Arman Dhanda:

    Loving Ali a

  5. OMGitsBOSS:

    Notification squad where you at?

  6. ChantyLove:


  7. BeastBlueGamer:

    Yes , been waiting for this ALL DAY ??

  8. Gowtham Sundar:

    I think something is wrong with your controller. The honda isnt that slow stock

  9. alexander cowin:

    Ali if you keep playing racing games such as this and FM7 (forza motorsport 7) frequently I reckon you could be a really good racer and could be quite competitive to most people in the future. Also will you ever do forza horizon 3 open lobbys

  10. shemar walker:

    The way he says garage

  11. Justin Austin:

    Early squad…


    Those trigger stoppers are affecting your speed

  13. Schmalik malik:

    Ali change your controller its affecting your acceleration

  14. Alex Games:

    take your trigger stoppers off Ali

  15. Alex Games:

    your trigger stoppers aren’t letting you hit top speed

  16. Lowkey 7urnUp:

    Ali-A change your controller or take the stoppers out ??

  17. Jack Nevison:

    Fantastic video!!!

  18. GD Infernice:

    Ali I’m not sure but your cod modified controller might be slowing you down because your playing on medium and your accelerating very slow

  19. Arctic XD:

    literally the first 2 seconds i thought i miss clicked and clicked on a movie trailer

  20. Alex Tomson:

    Dude change your controller or what ever is stopping you from full throttle. It’s slowing you down.

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